Responsible Exits and Beyond | February 14, 2018

Transform Finance Investor Network Webinar Recordings show

Summary: The issue of how to exit an impact investment responsibly encapsulates many of the structuring issues we have been discussing through other TFIN webinars and a Transform Finance/Inter-American Development Bank report on alternative financing structures. In this joint webinar with the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), we discuss the issue of responsible exits from a variety of angles. Hannah Schiff and Hannah Dithrich of the GIIN's Research Team discuss their recent report on the topic: Lasting Impact: The Need for Responsible Exits. This is followed by a discussion with expert practitioners Anna Kanze of Grassroots Capital Management and Chuck Holt of InvestEco, who discuss their approach to managing investments for continued impact. [These "podcasts" are the direct audio recordings of TFIN Webinars. As the original format was a video webinar, please excuse any brief technical difficulties and note that presenters may refer to slides. To watch the TFIN webinar recordings with their corresponding slide decks, please visit]