S3e3 Pre Carnival Beats 2K18!

CiTR -- Soca Storm show

Summary: Carnival in Trinidad is always tied to the date of Ash Wednesday in the Christian Calendar. Its not a Christian event by any means! Google the history if you want to learn more about that, but my point is that this year is a 'short Carnival season'. And I love short seasons becasue it means SOCA music comes out in abundance and hard. I think its going to be a POWER SOCA year! Some say Power soca is 130BPM and Up, whatever it is. There's plenty of face paced awesome SOCA music and this episode does not disappoint. Who's going to Carnival 2018? Its just 30 days away as of this broadcast! DJ SOCA Conductor delivers the latest SOCA Music tracks out of the Caribbean. This party music will make you jump out of your seat. The perfect music to get you in the mood to go out partying! It’s Saturday, watch out STORM COMING!!!! Papayo!! #SOCASTORM Now on iTunes | GooglePlay | MixCloud | Stitcher | RSS | CiTR.CA 191.9FM #VACOUVER https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/citr-soca-storm/id1110925963?mt=2 https://www.mixcloud.com/SOCASTORM/ WWW.SOCASTORM.COM