Yes, Hillary is a Criminal. Why She Won't Be Indicted

Informed America Radio show

Summary: In this episode: We break it down: all the specific statutes that Hillary Clinton violated. Two things are clear: Hillary Clinton violated federal law, and she will not be indicted East Coast Brain Rot Afflicted Chin Pullers Stunned that Bill Clinton, an Obvious Font of Good Judgement, Would Do Something "Inappropriate" Remaking America File: Another illegal alien, this one deported 6 times, accused of Oregon triple murder, Refugees with active TB being "seeded" into America Kate Steinle Anniversary: PA Republican Senator to Push Bill Next Week to Defund Sanctuary Cities New York Private Grade School Segregates Students by Race, Punishes and Berates White Students for Their "White Privilege" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For links to stories discussed on this episode of The Teri O'Brien Show, and more information, please visit: