FBI Email Report: Hillary's IT Guy's "Oh S**t" Moment, Obstructs Justice

Informed America Radio show

Summary: For links to articles discussed in this episode: http://wp.me/p2YmFi-4C4 In this episode: Did Hillary and her peeps commit obstruction of justice when they electronically shredded emails in March, 2015? Timeline STRONGLY suggests that the answer is yes. What was in the FBI's report about its 3.5 hour interview of Hillary Clinton? More important, what don't we know even now? Did Tim Kaine miss American History class? If not, why does he think that a certain U.S. President, who was not, was impeached? Yes, SCOTUS is at stake in the election, but that's a small part of the judiciary that's at stake in the 2016 election. Bill Clinton sounded A LOT like Donald Trump in 1995. Is the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms a "fundamental right?" It may depend on who is elected President and who that person appoints to the federal courts. Why was the Sec. of Homeland Security participating at an event linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~