Obama: Importing Islamic Rape Culture & Terrorism 1 Somali at a Time

Informed America Radio show

Summary: For links to the stories and other information from this episode: http://wp.me/p2YmFi-4Fs In this episode: Media refuses to ID Minnesota mall slasher, so that's how you know he is a Somali (Never doubt me) Media confusion: could 3 on the same day attacks actually be terrorism? Gee, is pressure cooker possibly a clue? We don't know! Ditto idiot commie mayor of New York City and NY governor, who says there is "no reason to believe it's not a coincidence" 2nd Amendment: Don't be fooled by the media. Hillary DOES want to get rid of it. And Hillary still thinks it should be illegal to criticize her, and the friends of one Liberal Death Star (New York Times) agree with her. Hillary's Platte River contractor Paul Combetta knowingly deleted emails after a subpoena, and lied to FBI, and gets sentenced to prison--Just kidding! He got immunity. Wait, how does that happen? No Doubt About It: "Birther" Controversy Started by Clinton Campaign DHS coverup on number of illegals getting across our open border Undeniable proof that former McClatchy bureau chief is telling truth about Clinton campaign being source of "birther" non-issue. Hint: Sid Blumenthal. Remember his involvement in the Lewinsky Scandal? No? I'll remind you. Real reason that suddenly "birther" "controversy" has re-appeared Note to Her Royal Wideness aka Moochelle Obama: Your real hairline is showing.