Healthy Expectations for your Depressed Teenager


Summary: Healthy Expectations for your Depressed Teenager Should a parent lower expectations if their teen is dealing with mental health Issues? Let’s say you’ve already tried some combination of therapy, wilderness experiences, a residential treatment center, psychiatry, medicine, and your teen is still depressed and doesn’t want to go to school, complaining of head-ache, stomach ache, fatigue etc. Will requiring your kid to go to school cause them to get even worse? Should you excuse their absence from school, or should you let them suffer the consequences of an unexcused absence? What’s the best way to be a good, responsible parent and have the best out-come for your kid? This question goes to the very heart of successfully treating depression in teenagers. Listen in for actionable advice for what you as a parent can do. Sign up to get your free checklist to help you determine whether you and your teen are in a normal power struggle or a more destructive control battle - Enter your email address here >> Have a question for Neil? Submit it now for discussion on a future episode of The Healthy Family Connections Podcast: