Turn Self-doubt & Burnout into Empowered Parenting


Summary: In this episode, Tracy of Victoria, Australia, wants to know how to deal with her 16 yr. old son who wants to be treated like a young adult yet isn’t managing his responsibilities. Neil addresses this question by helping listeners understand how parental self-doubt and burnout undermine empowered parenting and the ability to set healthy limits. Neil then inspires listeners to turn 3 critical causes of self-doubt and burnout into empowered parenting. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and receive a free checklist to help you determine whether you and your teen are having a power struggle or a control battle. Enter your email address here >> http://eepurl.com/bjMAiX Have a question for Neil? Submit it now for discussion on a future episode of The Healthy Family Connections Podcast: http://neildbrown.com/submit