The History of Future Folk — Trailer Rewind

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Summary: ### "Hondo!" This month, Steve digs through the archives to revisit _The History of Future Folk_, a quirky indie that punches well above its weight. Yes, it’s a musical comedy about banjo-playing aliens. Yes, it’s the fictional backstory of a comic duo you’ve likely never heard of. But in all the _indsider_ness of _Future Folk_, there’s a delightful amount of heart that is so much more gratifying _because_ my expectations were low going into it. Most gratifying? After re-watching the film, it just gets better. So do yourselves a favor and check out _The History of Future Folk_… quickly and quietly for Hondo. ### Film Sundries - Watch this film: [iTunes]( • [Amazon]( • [Netflix]( - [Original theatrical trailer]( - [Original poster artwork]( - [_Future Folk_ — Wikipedia]( - [Flickchart]( - [Letterboxd](