Ramadan With The Quran - Day 21

Nouman Ali Khan show

Summary: Surah Al-Alaq<br> <br> In his introductory comments to a more detailed interpretation of Surah Al-Alaq, Ustadh Nouman stresses the importance of understanding the context in which its ayat were revealed. Here Ustadh reads and explains the narration - verified in Sahih Al-Bukhari - which details Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) very first encounter with Jibreel (AS). He recounts how the Angel asked him to read three times, each time holding him very tight. Terrified and unsure of his own sanity, the Prophet rushes home to his wife Khadija, who, in a beautiful part of this narration, lists all the formidable qualities of the Prophet, assuring him that god will never let him down because of his excellent character and how thoughtful and caring he is to other people.<br> <br> 2017-06-16 - Ramadan 2017