Episode 3. Australia's original Burger King

Heaps Good History show

Summary: This week, Greg meets Adrienne Peele, daughter of Australia's original Burger King Don Dervan. Dervan was a US businessman who opened his very first Burger King restaurant in Adelaide in 1962 and who accidentally played a leading role in the establishment of one of Australia's most popular fast food brands - Hungry Jack's.  Episode notes "Happy Days" theme written by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox Sounds via Freesound.org and ZapSplat.com  Airplane Taking off at Beirut airport by Ramston; Car starting by amthomas101; Roller skates by Blastwave FX via ZapSplat; Pop sound by unfa;  Cha Ching by guest . Thanks to Adrienne Peele and Bob Byrne from Adelaide Remember When.