Heartbreak Kids Podcast show

Summary: <p>Stephanie walked into our Mysore room and she was so rough around the edges. I taught her the series over several months. I remember every time that I showed her something new, she cussed and told me she was unable to do it. This was a pattern that showed up continuously. From the first day, Stephanie was able to do all of the primary, but getting her to believe in herself is what I thought what could teach her the most.</p> <hr> <p>“I started practicing Ashtanga yoga because I wanted to be someone else other than an ex-fiancé. I was exhausted from being the girl who worked 2 jobs, ate like shit, and was always down for a PBR and a line of coke.<br> I started practicing Ashtanga yoga because I thought it made you look cool and I wanted so badly for people to like me for something other than my blurry past.</p> <p>I don’t know why I continued to go. It hurt. It made me think about myself and my actions. It did not make me look cool. Frankly, no one cared.<br> No. One. Gave. A. F.</p> <p>This blew my mind.</p> <p>I’ve been a codependent woman for so long I thought that everyone cared at all times about what I was doing and it was my job to wear the mask to please them.</p> <p>But here, no one cared about the surface, who I was or why I stepped in the door. All that mattered is that I showed up and I was willing to deal with all the shit just like everyone else was trying to do.</p> <p>Because when you take care of your own shit, when you try to be a better person, when you tend to your own garden, that is when your true self-comes along and that is what’s important. That is what’s cool.</p> <p>And people dig it. And you are able to drop your mask and grow.<br> This is not why I came to Ashtanga, but it sure as hell is why I’m staying.” – Stephanie</p> <hr> <p style="text-align: center;"><strong>RECORDING CONTAINS EXPLICIT MATERIAL</strong></p>