Episode 18 - The Reluctant Disney-holic.

MouseVENTURES show

Summary: In this brand new and exciting episode of the MouseVENTURES Podcast we have a lot of fun in store for you! We have a brand new host on the show making his debut in this episode so join us in welcoming Mr. Bill Page!! Then our friends Tara &amp; Karl stop by for a quick visit with us about their recent trip to the parks and we find out that Karl, who was dragged kicking and screaming into the parks by his wife Tara and by the end of the trip he turned into quite the Disney Fan! Next our resident film critic reviews the latest Marvel Studios Movie "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" <br> <br> Join us in between episodes of the show at <a href="http://www.mouseventures.net">mouseventures.net</a> where we release blogs, photos, videos, and all sorts of Disney goodness! Thanks for checking out the show and we'll see you again real soon!<br>