NCN - It's Almost Over: The 2016 Election Remix Special

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Summary: Webcast on November 6th, 2016 right before Election Day eve. This is is a more fully and further developed mix we did a couple weeks before, in the virtual Second Life environment, and on DFM out of Amsterdam and on our stream. This is a round-up collection of (mostly humorous) remixes, mashups, collages, 'Trumpstep' (one could say) interpretations (heavy on the much more sample-able Trump in the treatment here), also protest songs, but probably mostly homemade audio mixes, and works, that creatively came out of the 2016 Presidential Election season from the public at large all under one roof for the first time. This is what we consider to be the 'best' efforts of the political season offered here for the purpose of criticism, commentary, posterity, satire and the hope of capturing the zeitgeist of this politically-charged time in U.S. history. - 2hrs. 50 min.