Archaeocast 15: The East Kent Access Road (Part One)

Archaeocast show

Summary: Archaeocast 15 is a special edition, recorded on behalf of Oxford-Wessex Archaeology, a joint venture between Oxford Archaeology and Wessex Archaeology. A new road is to be built on the Isle of Thanet in east Kent during 2010-11. The road will be 6.5 km long and will cross one of the richest archaeological areas in Britain. Before construction begins archaeologists will excavate the whole length of the route. This will be the largest excavation in Britain in 2010, covering approximately 40 hectares. Archaeocast takes you on a quick tour of the site, and talks to some of the people working on it, from the archaeologists doing the digging to those making sure everything stays on schedule so that the engineers can start on time. Neolithic ring ditch. View on Flickr. 9:46 minutes (8.96 MB)Archaeocast