NCN - Music Mashup Movie - Floydatar (Part 01)

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Summary: RETURN: This is the first in a multi-part serialization of our mash-up movie called FLOYDATAR, which we spent the better part of a year out of our lives putting together. The idea behind the project was to meaningfully combine the (edited) visuals of AVATAR (2009) with the (selected) music of Pink Floyd, thus celebrating both. We figure enough time has gone by since this has been released, premiered in the Second Life virtual online environment (and summarily rejected by both Youtube and Vimeo); and so we are publishing it on our podcast in multiple and sequential 'Parts' like a serial. If there is anyone left on the planet who hasn't seen AVATAR please, go watch it and find it NOW, do NOT watch this movie first! This movie is a transformation of that movie into a new piece, and does not represent AVATAR in its original form. Hell, the entire movie is not even fully represented! This is meant for fans of both the movie and the band PINK FLOYD, and seeks to cultivate synchronicity as we artistically explore, and symbolically comment on, the expressed themes that are common to both of these entities including: war, loss, love, sacrifice, redemption, madness, the value of humanity, the fight of the underdog, transformation (itself) and an overall psychedelic and other-worldly aesthetic hopefully tying this UNIQUE hybrid movie all together. For the first time in years: FLOYDATAR is back! You be the judge. - This program is NOT for sale and NOT for profit. Please don't sue us. Running Time for this (Part 1) is 7min. 14sec with more to come! Stay tuned!