FCV061 Birds and Bees and Kids, Amy Lang

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Summary: Amy Lang was a sexuality educator throughout her 20's and 30's, who "loved talking to people about sex." But when her four-year-old son made a comment about his penis, she froze. She was so surprised at how uncomfortable she was that she had a eureka moment. "I'm going to have to figure out how to help other parents, and myself, talk to their kids about sexuality." Annie talks with Amy about where that parental discomfort comes from and how we can get past it to empower our kids with the information they need to feel good about themselves and make good choices. About Amy Lang (@birdsandbees) Amy Lang, M.Ed., is a sexuality educator who teaches parents of all beliefs how to have easy, open, and effective conversations with our kids about sexuality, love, and relationships. She founded BirdsAndBeesAndKids.com in 2005. Through that site she's helped thousands of parents "kick-ass when it comes to the sex talks." She's also helped hundreds of professionals who work with children to keep the kids in their care safer from sexual abuse through keynotes and trainings about sexual behavior and development. Learn more at http://BirdsAndBeesAndKids.com Copyright © 2009-2018 Annie Fox and Electric Eggplant. All Rights Reserved.