A Perfect Life Crumbles. Can This Teen Survive?

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Summary: Taliyah Russo seems to be living the perfect middle class suburban life: supportive parents, good school, devoted friends. But when her family’s dark secrets come to light, the facade of perfection crumbles. In the new novel “Heart of Kings” by Fanchon Stylezz, Taliyah leaves Long Island to live with her grandmother in Red Hook Brooklyn, where she meets two mysterious, treacherous but alluring men who vie for her attention. Caught in the middle of a twisted love triangle, things get explosive when Taliyah recklessly decides to ignore the rules of love and keep them both. She is quickly pulled into a sordid underworld of drugs, theft and prostitution. As her life spirals out of control, Taliyah searches desperately for a way out of her increasingly perilous situation. A dangerous faceoff between the two men results in tragedy. Wil Taliyah survive to find freedom and love, or is it too late? More below the media player. Listen to Fanchon Stylezz The Indie Author Life And see the book trailer for “Heart of Kings”: Similar Posts: Prof. Henry Fell’s “Coming of Middle Age”… She Wants His Baby – But Will His Family, and The Law, A Troubled Teen Discovers His Hidden Power An Ancient Celtic Evil Threatens A Romantic Tale To Bring Your Hanky For The post A Perfect Life Crumbles. Can This Teen Survive? appeared first on The Bookcast.