She May Be The Key to Earth’s Survival

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Summary: Fiery tornadoes cut through quiet forests. Balls of lightning burn everything in their paths. Earthquakes open chasms that swallow vehicles whole. Clement is reeling from a new onslaught of curses, and it all started the day a mysterious, giant woman arrived at Jenna’s school. In Dave Becker‘s young adult supernatural fantasy “The Apolline Sibyl,” Jenna Hamilton was just hoping for a normal sophomore year of high school. Instead she finds herself trapped in the middle of devastating plagues, mythical creatures, and a satanic plot to destroy the people she loves most. As she struggles to make sense of her little corner of the world, Jenna learns that the rest of the planet is dying and she may be the key to its survival. Listen to Dave Becker Similar Posts: The End of the World, Brought To You By The New Kid Her Superpower – From God The Down-to-Earth Children of Asgard Life, Love, and Business in Hollywood A Battle for Survival On a Hostile Planet The post She May Be The Key to Earth’s Survival appeared first on The Bookcast.