June 15, 2014 – Auctions, Acceptance, and 51% Attacks

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Summary: Patrick is back from Europe and has been recovering from a throat infection. On today's show we talk about the recent price movement. We speculate on what has caused the recent volatility, including the United States Marshal Service announcement that they will be auctioning off some of the bitcoins recovered from Silk Road. We'll explore the recent uproar regarding possible 51% attacks. In a first-ever interview, Patrick talks to Ryan Selkis, the "Two-Bit Idiot", known for his controversial blog that released the leaked Mt. Gox crisis documents earlier this year. There has been a lot of news over the past couple of weeks, including some major new players that began accepting bitcoin and a reversal of policy by Apple. Patrick also interviews a small business in Amsterdam to find out why the owner is so excited for the future of his business. Download MP3  (30.4MB, 1:03:14)   The following items were discussed on this show: Silk Road bitcoin auction - the U.S. Marshal Service will be auctioning off nearly 30,000 bitcoins from the Silk Road seizure this week Expedia - one of the largest travel sites in the world begins accepting bitcoin Dish Network - you can now pay your cable bill in bitcoin Apple reverses Bitcoin app policy - find out why this could be a huge new breakthrough for Bitcoin adoption Two-Bit Idiot - follow Ryan Selkis on Twitter for more of his perspective on the Bitcoin world Relaunch of bitcoin.com - the site relaunch offers tons of information for newcomers BITCOIN IN THE BELTWAY - come out and meet Patrick and attend one of the most important Bitcoin conferences ever in the nation's capital June 20-22 Bitcoin Job Fair - NYC Job Fair is Saturday, June 28 at Bitcoin Center NYC I'd love to get feedback on the show - what did you like and what did you not like? Feel free to send questions, articles, topics or anything else to me directly at patrick@coinsiderthis.com. Please leave us a review on iTunes! If you enjoyed the show, consider letting me know with a tip! Bitcoin Tip Address for this show: 115zoaH8Sg9fqMxo6G8VPuxweSFF7C1MNJ