Rift Off the Record 13: Dive into Song of Dreams

Quest Legion Podcast show

Summary: Liz and Evarwyn are back with a new format for the show! We bring you the news surrounding Update 2.5: Song of Dreams, including the server down time and the issues and fixes surrounding last week's patch. The newcomer corner features a tutorial on macros, plus we give you the first of our "Random Lore" segment and new feature, "The Question of the Week". Be sure to tune in next Sunday, 11/17 at 7pm est when we interview Elizabeth "Dahanese" Tobey on Trion's stance regarding 2.5, which will be recorded live here: Twitch.tv/QuestGamingNetwork Episode 13: Dive into Song of Dreams iTunes Subscription RSS Feed Subscribe to RiftOTR by Email Stitcher Radio