Decorating Cookies at CookieCon [Boomerology Revealed #10]

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Summary: This week we visit a cookie conference and learn how to decorate cookies. CookieCon 2014 was a lot of fun! But we also talk about boomer women, Great Grips, menopause and music bands from the 60's with animal names. We are very eclectic around here!. Enter our giveaway at: Great grips here: Some of our guests on this episode are: Karen and Mike Summers organizers of Cookie Con Julia Usher the cookie queen Susan Schimidt Carrie Wilson with Tasha with operation Cookie Takeover Terri Simmons Connie Davis and Dr Kara Clapp. Comments, likes and subscriptions make our day! Want to download this video? Click here. For the audio-only version of this episode click here. This show is multicast in different ways to adapt to your style. You can subscribe on iTunes, watch on Roku (Buzz and Biz channel – Special Interests category,) on Samsung Blu-ray players and on our channel on YouTube – Boomerology Revealed.