January 12, 2012

AP US History » Podcast Feed show

Summary: In order to take a College Board AP exam each student must pay $87.00 per exam. I will collect a $13.00 deposit in the cafeteria during all three lunches on Tuesday, February 7, 2012. Checks made payable to Classical High School or Cash will be accepted. The total cost will then be the $87.00 minus the $13.00 deposit which totals $74.00. This final payment will be due in APRIL at a date to be announced. There is a fee reduction policy which deducts $30.00 off the total fee of $87.00 for each exam, but a $13.00 exam ordering fee (which is non-refundable) must be paid for each exam I order for you. This policy is explained in the booklet I will give you when you pay the $13.00 deposit; however, students must be receiving a free lunch in order to qualify. If you do qualify, your total fee is $57.00 minus the $13.00 deposit which equals $44.00 per exam. Students who are unable to pay any fee must see Mr. Toro privately. Should you or your parents have any questions, please see me or have your parent call me at 456-9147. Any student who is unable to make any payment is asked to speak to Mr. Toro ASAP!