How to be a Productivity Ninja

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Summary: Graham Allcott is the author of How to be a Productivity Ninja. In this interview we look at how to worry less, achieve more and love what you do. Working with thousands of women in business each year, I often hear that they are overwhelmed by the amount they need to get through and that they fight each day to stay on top of their to-dos. Their dream to create a great business are thwarted by an overflowing inbox, or too many things to focus on. In this interview, Graham Allcott provides effective ideas on managing productivity and we look at: • Ruthlessness - how to be ruthless with yourself • Stealth and camouflage - how to stop your time from being hijacked • Mindfulness - the role of the mind in procrastination and productivity • How to do email like a ninja • Why mono-tasking beats your best multitasking efforts Plus we explore the importance of capturing and collecting tasks, organizing, reviewing and doing. More resources and details can be found at Get your copy of How to Be A Productivy Ninja at all good bookstores, or here: