GFY 041: Quitting the Path to Corporate America to Become a Blogger

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Summary: Interview with Tony Robinson (founder of The minute I start thinking my journey to becoming an entrepreneur was a tough one, I talk to Tony Robinson. Tony became a father in high school and set out on the safe route in college (i.e. to get an engineering degree) so he could enter into corporate America and provide for his son.  But midway through his college career, he got bitten by the entrepreneur bug (or caught the entrepreneur disease…however you want to put it) and diverted from this path–still with the pressures of being a young dad resting on his shoulders. His struggles the last few years inspired him to launch an online business (while he’s still in college) that helps other people get through tough times and struggles in their own lives. Today, Tony is the founder of—an inspirational blog and podcast—which is the place to go online if you want the info and motivation you need to take your life’s most important goals and turn them into a reality. Tony created Do Really Good for people like him who believe it’s important to live a life they’re excited about, and are willing to turn off the TV, get off the couch and take action to make their dreams a reality. In this episode, you’ll get the behind-the-scenes on Tony’s blog and get helpful advice that you can use in your own life to quit your job and create a life that you love. Stuff mentioned in this episode: Do Really Good Mastermind Group Tony on Instagram Did this podcast rock your world? Let’s try some reverse psychology: If you liked this podcast, don’t review it on iTunes at Just don’t think about the warm fuzzy feeling that you’ll get to participate in the show. And please for the love of God don’t tell anyone about this episode by using the social share icons below. The post GFY 041: Quitting the Path to Corporate America to Become a Blogger appeared first on Go Fire Yourself.