FC 008: What's Up with Stepmothers? - Guest: Wednesday Martin, Ph.D. (September 7, 2009)

Family Confidential: Secrets of Successful Parenting with Annie Fox, M.Ed. show

Summary: For as long as there have been fairy tales there have been evil stepmothers. Fairy tale nightmares aside, what's it really like to marry a man with children? And why do stepmoms often have such a hard time finding a comfortable and respected place in their families? In this podcast I talk with Wednesday Martin, author of "Stepmonster: A New Look at Why Stepmothers Think, Feel and Act The Way We Do" (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2009). About Wednesday Martin, Ph.D. Wednesday Martin holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature from Yale. She was a regular contributor to the New York Post's parenting page for several years, and her work has appeared in a number of national magazines. Martin, a stepmother for ten years, lives with her husband and their two sons. More info at: www.wednesdaymartin.com Subscribe to Family Confidential on iTunes: http://bit.ly/famconf Copyright © 2009-2018 Annie Fox and Electric Eggplant. All Rights Reserved.