TAP001: You Need Passion, Organization, and Dialog (POD) to Podcast

The Audacity to Podcast - A "how-to" podcast about podcasting and using Audacity show

Summary: Welcome to the first-ever episode of The Audacity to Podcast™! I share my vision, talk about the POD of podcasting, and more. The POD of podcasting Passion—you have to be excited about what you have to say! That passion will drive you to find or generate content without much labor Organization—be professional, have your sites and information together Dialog—big media is one-way, social media is social! Connect with your audience and they will grow Share you thoughts! I have the next thirty-five episodes planned out, but you can change that by telling me what you want to hear! Email feedback@TheAudacitytoPodcast.com or call our listener voicemail line at (903) 231-2221. Also follow me on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter below.