Alive Inside 01: State of Grace, Part One EXPLICIT

Darker Projects: Alive Inside show

Summary: Listen to: Alive Inside 01: State of Grace (21.5MB mp3) Created and written by Eric Busby and Donald O. Copp The human race? Forget about them. Laid waste by the Great Catastrophe, the remnants of humanity fight for survival is a world scarred by a plague that causes the dead to walk again. Now, the zombie hordes add to their infernal ranks with every fresh victim. Can a bold venture across the wastelands of the former United States of America hold the key to our salvation? Or does the future belong to the zombies? Mark Kalita as Lyle Kara Dennison as Kerri Elie Hischman as Adam Karl Puder as Kramer Tom Davis as Senator Davis Laura Post as Sharon Ben Harmer as O'Neil Morgan Jeffery as Simon All Post Production work by Eric Busby.