Alive Inside 7: Season Of The Dead Part 3

Darker Projects: Alive Inside show

Summary: The human race? Forget about them. Laid waste by the great catastrophe, the remnants of humanity fight for survival in a world scarred by a plague that causes the dead to walk again. Now the Zombie hordes add to their infernal ranks with ever fresh victim. This is the age of the dead. Alive Inside 7: Season of the Dead, Part 3 EXPLICIT (31:15, 28.6 MB mp3, released 2008.10.20) Written by Eric Busby and Donald Copp Based upon the novel, Alive Inside, by Eric Busby and Donald Copp Featured in the cast were Ellie Hirschman as Adam Jon Specht as Lyle Melissa D. Johnson as Barbara Jules Ismail as Old Joe Karl Puder as Morgan Andrew Edwards as Spirit Wind and special appearance by Mike West as Dr Pus. This episode was produced and direction by Eric Busby. Audio engineering by Eric Busby. This has been a Darker Projects Production.