How to Increase Your MCAT and GPA Scores

The Pre-Med Podcast show

Summary: Episode 38: In this episode, you'll learn the statistics of the first-ever peer-reviewed data on a revolutionary approach to an age-old problem - increasing MCAT and GPA scores! How to Increase Your MCAT Score Use a Mastermind approach. Instead of trying to figure out what works through trial and error, why not rely on people with experience to help give you ideas for how to KNOW you'll reach your goals. Study how you study. In the Medical Mastermind Community, you'll learn how to design a custom system for yourself so that you'll know how well you're doing weeks before your actual exam. Watch this video on how to Master The MCAT. Beginning A Medical Career Who knew that 5 years ago when I started podcasting that it would turn into the first peer-reviewed PreMed prep course! Notice that you wouldn't balk at spending $1000-$2000 on a professional MCAT course such as Kaplan but they don't even publish data on if it works. In the past year, I've written and published a record-breaking amount of scientific literature as an intern: 4 papers: one case report accepted for publication, one systematic review on treatments for burnout in medical students, and 2 for increasing GPA, MCAT scores and acceptance into medical school 3 poster presentations: one already presented (discussed in this podcast episode; click audio link above), one pending acceptance at the Science of Eliminating Health Disparities conference, and one I that was accepted but that I had to turn down because I was too busy! 3 research projects: two completed and the third is pending approval from the institutional review board Five more papers/projects are in the hopper! Astounding, eh? No, it's the Mastermind concept at work, and it can work for YOU TOO! How to increase your GPA There is no escaping it - you HAVE TO watch all 9 videos of our Study Techniques Course. Once you pay and login to this website, click on EXAM PREP in the upper-right hand corner. The Study Techniques Course is found on the first 3 tabs of that pull-down menu. It will change your life or your money back. Read the Medical Mastermind Community Review Dear Doctor Dan, About a year and a half ago, I joined your Medical Mastermind Community. I wrote to you unsure as to whether I should attend the Caribbean medical schools I had been accepted to and start then, or study for the MCAT and apply to US medical schools. I opted to attend the Carib school, and here I am 14 out of 16 months later, 60 days away from completing the last courses of Basic Sciences. I am currently taking Pathology II, Pharmacology, Medical Ethics and Behavioral Science. The study techniques I have learned by being a member have been fantastic. I record every lecture, I listen to them evenings and weekends sped up on faster play speeds, and repeatedly approaching block exam time. This has proven to be a great technique for me, because I can listen harder during the in-person lecture, instead of trying to listen AND write  voraciously. I save most of the writing until that evening with my printed power point notes and text book. I never imagined how much information one can miss the first time you hear a lecture in class. I end up adding so much more on the power point printed copy, in addition to text book notes. Hearing the instructor tell "the whole story" again and again made a huge difference in my performance, even on "hyper-speed." Additionally, I do make a checklist of "testable items" for each topic. I actually print out the table of contents from my PDF versions of my text book, highlight the lecture topics, the date it was taught, and check off each concept every time I go through it (4-5 times). Next semester, we (and most Carib med schools) have a mandatory 5th semester review for the USMLE, which takes place back in the U.S. I will be in touch with you prior to then, for direction from your  "community." Sincerely, Lisa Lamar - Success