DPP 04 : The 2013 New Media (BlogWorld) Expo – Best Tips, Lessons And Tricks From This Year’s Event

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Summary: Episode 4 of the Digital Publishing Business Podcast covers the 2013 New Media (BlogWorld) Expo that Meron attended in Las Vegas. Meron made you a summary of all the major points that were covered in the best sessions of this year's expo, and we will go through and debate each one of them. Show Notes Here's what we covered in 37 minutes: How to create the perfect interview and find awesome interviewees - key points from Jaime Tardy's session How to launch an amazingly successful podcast - key points from John Lee Dumas (EOFire) session (he just crossed the 400K downloads mark for a podcast less than 6 months old!) How to create insanely loyal fans - Based on Dino Dogan's (Triberr) talk Power of free - based on Pat Flynn's talk. Here a link to Pat's entire session Awesome tips on podcasting / interviewing gear and apps - based on talks by Leslie Samuel and Cliff Ravenscraft (PodcastAnswerMan) 45 Things you can do with outsourcing - by Chris Ducker Best NMX13 session: Facebook Ads: How to use them efficiently and not waste your money --- We still owe you Meron's interview preparation mindmap & technique! Work in progress... Sorry for the delay! Show Transcript - In progress… Thanks for being patient! We Need Your Help! Thank you all for checking out this session of the DPP podcast! If you haven’t already we would love if you could take a short minute to leave us a quick rating and review of the podcast on iTunes, by clicking on the link below! It would be extremely helpful for the show to get some traction and ranking, grow, and reach more people! Leave a review for The Digital Publishing podcast! Thank you again for your support. We can’t wait to see you again next week!