Episode 004: Nathan Barry

The Business of Freelancing show

Summary: Hosted by Brennan Dunn and Eric Davis with guest Nathan Barry. Show Notes 00:19 - Nathan Barry (twitter blog) Freelance Designer OneVoice App Commit App The App Design Handbook 01:14 - Show topic goals Building a passive income stream outside a freelancing business Balancing client work while developing products How product offerings affected his freelancing business Building products while freelancing 01:53 - Nathan’s professional career background 03:35 - Products to supplement a freelancing income 05:06 - OneVoice 06:59 - Building products while freelancing 08:12 - Having multiple revenue streams 09:44 - Commit 10:33 - Marketing The product business feeds the freelancing business Having your own projects generates business 12:36 - Books as the new business cards 14:37 - Getting paid to get leads 15:02 - Gaining trust and reputation 17:30 - Becoming the authority and educating and influencing clients Offering freebies Inexpensive products Blog posts and mailing lists 22:48 - Teaching what you know and giving away information generates income 26:49 - Repeating your message Resources Nathan - Smashing Magazine’s The Mobile Book Brennan - WiseCash Eric - The Entrepreneur’s Notebook:Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Action Steps Start teaching. Setup a blog, pick 1-3 topics you know and want to be known for, and write them. Don't over-think it, just start teaching. Transcript We're hoping to get a transcript later.