Episode 005: Content Marketing

The Business of Freelancing show

Summary: Hosted by Brennan Dunn and Eric Davis. Show Notes 00:10 - Content Marketing Making information available for personal gain/recognition Duct Tape Marketing: John Jantsch Getting to know you 03:51 - Getting content in front of people Blogging Screencasting Publishing eBooks/PDFs Podcasting 05:24 - Promoting and building an audience Write with the intention of appealing to a specific audience Collect email addresses Infographics 07:38 - Appealing to potential clients and peer developers Be business-focused Hold impromptu marketing events Referrals 10:27 - Working locally and organically Building bits of content that reinforces what you’re good at Revealing specifically where you are located and how to contact you 13:14 - Advantages of working locally Time zone In-person meetings Puts people at ease 14:26 - How to market and network Chamber of Commerce events Community College talks Libraries 16:32 - Recycling and tweaking content 16:49 - Online marketing Guest blogging Podcast interviews Establish yourself in different communities (i.e. Facebook) 20:16 - Figure out your niche Resources Eric - Levenger Circa and Staples Arc notebooks. 15 Minutes to a More Creative You: Steve Leveen Brennan - 5 Pricing Tips to Earn More on Client Projects: Ruben Gamez Action Steps Instead of writing a blog post for your own blog, find a different blog or a podcast that accepts guests and get yourself booked. Next Week Sales Pipelines Transcript We're hoping to get a transcript later.