Episode 006: The Sales Pipeline

The Business of Freelancing show

Summary: Hosted by Brennan Dunn and Eric Davis. Show Notes 00:50 - Sales Pipeline Moving people through a series of steps to get them to be a paying customer Acquisition to qualification to scoping to clients 04:11 - Content marketing to project delivery 08:02 - Tracking leads Highrise Fat Free CRM PipelineDeals Pipedrive Whiteboard Spreadsheet 12:29 - Networking Referrals Are they a good fit? Do timelines overlap? 14:36 - Qualification Why should this project exist? Do you have budget? When do you want to start? Are there deadlines? Are they the owner of the project? Is this a new type of project for your company? How did you hear about me? Are they talking to any other firms? 22:27 - Referring to elsewhere End on a good note and don’t burn bridges Provide value Keep in touch and follow up when they are a good fit 26:02 - Scoping Meeting/New Client Consultation System 28:48 - Communication FollowUp.cc Patience 30:56 - Follow up after project completion Resources Brennan - Obie’s Document Templates, IndieConf 2012 Eric - Freelancing Weekly, PipelineDeals Action Step Reflect on your own business and put together a checklist of things that you ask a new client to qualify them and to bump up your professional factor by having a systematic icebreaker. Next Week Obie Fernandez Transcript We're hoping to get a transcript later.