DPP 02 : How To Find The Best Keywords For Your App & Podcast

Digital Publishing Business Podcast: How To Make Money Online With Self Publishing, Kindle Publishing, and Market Leadership show

Summary: Episode #2 of The Digital Publishing Business Podcast is all about finding the absolute best keywords for your iPad magazine or iOS App, to make sure you will get more exposure, more downloads, and more income!  In 22 Minutes you will learn: What makes some keyword "good" and others "bad" How to do effective and proven keyword research for the AppStore What are the tools and processes we use ourselves Some embarrassing mistakes Meron made with his first app! How David's tips to keywords research increased Meron's magazine downloads by 800%! Show Notes - In progress… Thanks for being patient! Show Transcript - In progress… Thanks for being patient! We Need Your Help! Thank you all for checking out this session of the DPP podcast! If you haven’t already we would love if you could take a short minute to leave us a quick rating and review of the podcast on iTunes, by clicking on the link below! It would be extremely helpful for the show to get some traction and ranking, grow, and reach more people! Leave a review for The Digital Publishing podcast! Thank you again for your support. We can't wait to see you again next week!