Episode 3 Dealing With Conflict

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Summary: This episode of Tweak! finds us discussing the wonderful world of conflict. We'll look at some things you can do to prevent conflict as well as how to deal with it when the time comes for confrontation. Be sure to tune in next time where we will be talking about YOU as the expert! Conflict is inevitable, it happens to the best of us and it's bound to happen to you. However, how you deal with it can make a huge difference on its impact on you, your clients and your work. In todays episode I break it our topic down into three segments, and touch on some tips to help you get the most out of your confrontations. Taking preventative measures to potential avoid conflict The four ways we deal with conflict Dealing with conflict in an assertive manner If you have a suggestion based on how you deal with conflict be sure to leave a comment below. Also the Tweak! theme for WordPress is now available so be sure to head over to the Themes section if you'd like your very own Tweak! powered site.