Episode 9 The Design Phase

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Summary: We're moving right along in our five part series on project process. OK, so it's more of a crawl really. Nevertheless, we're onto discussing all of the wonderfully exciting elements of the design phase. As if that wasn't enough of a good thing, the Tweak! site has received a bit of an upgrade. With a fresh new design in place, it's the perfect way to kick off an episode dedicated to our favorite topic. Now, design isn't all about lookin pretty. Below is a quick run down of this episode's content: Establishing project scope Sketching & thumbnails Wireframes Elements of design Some helpful links: A Design Method (excellent article from A List Apart) The Layers of Design: the style layer (UX Magazine) Emotions of Color (how color affects emotions form Creative Behavior) Organizing design and process: Usability and Visual Hierarchy (Veprek.com) Typography Matters (another good one from A List Apart)