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Summary: Scott Fraser was born and bred in Glasgow. He produced tracks for Weatherall’s label in the early 90’s which was his first release. Around the same time he also released tracks on Black Nation (Detroit) & Francois K’s Wave Records. He has played in Glasgow and internationally in Detroit with Jeff Mills, Anthony Shakir and Claude Young. He took time out 2 years ago from Dj'ing & relocated to London where he moved to The Basement, Andrew Weatherall’s East London studio. His new releases are in an Astrolab compilation (Treasure Hunting), Light Sleeper EP on Headman's Relish label & a remix for Headman's Relish & a Origin and Mass EP on Mirko's Etichetta Nera label in Italy. Tracklisting : 1. Ital - Doesn't Matter if you Love Him (Planet Mu) 2. The Field - Looping State of Mind (Kompakt) 3. Unknown Cases - Masimbabele (Headman Version) (CDR) 4. Mugwump: Until your Worth it (Andrew Weatherall remix) (CDR) 5. Caddilac - Past Midnight (Daniel Bortz Remix) (Future classic) 6. Los Lopez - Are you a Lesbian? (Mugwump remix) (Days of being wild) 7. Max Esa - Burning Palms (Hardway Bros shoulder of orion remix) (Is it balearic?) 8. Scott Fraser - A John Hughes Excursion (dub) (Astrolab recordings) 9. Ajello - El Charro (Alien Alien No Hay Nada Remix) (Danny was a drag king) 10. D'Marc Cantu - Say it and itsTime (Creme organisation) 11. Starship Commander Woo Woo - Mastership (Chocolate industries)