The Judge Neil Show #418

The Judge Neil Show show

Summary: 418 Saturday, February 23, 2012, 9 pm PST Sandy's reading from Judge Neil came true today. She rented her apartment out to Charles and Eric. Zena calls in. Anthony calls in about a children's book he wrote, job prospects and love. Is this the Confessions of a Sexual Vampire Show? Nicole's been bad and calls in for a spanking. Homework for Nicole; rate the Judge Neil Show on iTunes!!! BTW for your little issue: Vagisil. Mary Ellen calls in to the Psychicism Show about a historic house. Sandy calls in about her brothers. Aisha calls in depressed. Are you on your period? Have some chocolate. Aisha rates the show on iTunes. "You're my favorite person in the whole world. (At least for the next 20 minutes.) Maggie calls in about her male whore "friend". Cali calls in and gets her spiritual nipples hard. Breathe and relax, I want you to feel it go into your mouth. That's not the spot. You gotta tell people when their off. Warning, smelling vagina ruins lives. Thumper (Bree) calls in and Mona finds her way to the Show's new home on