Angel Whisperer Angel Attunement

The Angel Whisperer - Angel Radio Show show

Summary: This is a new upload here on 5/22/10, replacing an old episode to allow others to experience part of an Angel Attunement class from November 2009 with Dr. Kelli. Enjoy and please share - let us know you're thoughts. Did you enjoy it? Did you have an experience after listening and attuning to the angelic realms? Connect with universal love, light and divine wisdom - open up your multi-dimensional self. Allow the pure divine light to flow through you with infinite utter love. Radiate pure unconditional love and light at all times and in all ways! Beautiful angel lights, all you have to do is intend to receive the attunement, as the angels are already connected to you. We will be working with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. With this attunement you are strengthening your connection to the angelic realms and opening your channels of divine love and infinite light. Enjoy! Please share any experiences you may have!