TOO Historical Fiction 79 Memory is Translucent

Tales of Old show

Summary: By Adele Gardner Read by Shawn Robertson Period: 1800's England Genre: Horror   LETTER FROM MRS. HARKER TO VAN HELSING "7 October, 1 p.m. "My dear Dr. Van Helsing, -- "How can I tell you of an event that we all so deeply regret? I cannot express how sorry I am to bear such news, for I know that the grief that prostrates us will wound you even more. Your good friend Dr. John Seward was found dead this morning in his office. The police thought at first that he died by his own hand, but the strenuous objections of all who knew him, and the escape of one of the more violent inmates, have called this verdict into question. "I thought that you might wish to conduct your own investigation before the case is closed. We have managed to postpone the funeral until Friday. You are most welcome in our home in any event, but especially in this crisis. Good friends must comfort one another at such a time. I trust that your intelligent inquiry may soon put these troubles to rest. "Yours most faithfully, "MINA HARKER."