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Summary: Interview with Lynn Serafinn, MAED, CPCCCertified Professional Co-Active CoachMember International Coach Federation (ICF) Originally from the US, I moved to England in 1999. I am now a British citizen and I absolutely love it here. I am a very happy 50-plus-year-old with a gorgeous grown-up daughter and a beautiful grandson. My training and belief in coaching: When I first discovered coaching, people in my life told me that I had unknowingly been “coaching” for years in both my professional and personal life. They were probably right because, once I started to learn the actual practice of coaching, I took to it like a duck to water I knew in my heart that it was my natural vocation. I then made the huge decision to leave a successful long-term career as a teacher to start a full-time coaching practice. I did this solely because I love coaching, and because I believe in its power to set people free to express their true selves in a way that nothing else I have seen can. Find out about the rest of her story on the show...http://www.create-a-life.co.uk/