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Lepszy Niż Wczoraj show

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Przez wiele lat byłem otyłym palaczem spędzającym życie przed komputerem. Dzisiaj jestem weganem startującym w w zawodach Ironman. Poprzez triathlon odkryłem, że życie może naprawdę być interesujące. Teraz chcę pomóc innym w byciu najlepszą wersją siebie.

By Paweł Chalacis

Bearded Virtues show

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Each year men around the world stop shaving to bring focus to men's health issues. The Nazarite Challenge adds an extra spiritual dimension to traditional No Shave activities by providing daily spiritual formation on top the physical health focus that many men have during this time. This podcast is focused provides a daily audio reflections on how men can live a life of virtue. The November 2018 edition of this podcast is focused on the Cardinal Virtues, Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance, and Justice.

By Tony Vasinda

The LoveReading Podcast show

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The LoveReading Podcast is a monthly mix of book-related conversation associated with the popular book recommendation website www.lovereading.co.uk. Hosted by author and editor Elena Lappin, it contains interviews with writers, publishing professionals, journalists, readers, book sellers, and book reviewers, discussing books and other themes related to literature of various genres, and the arts. We will also cover relevant current events such as book festivals, prizes, etc.

By Elena Lappin

Less Insurance Dependence show

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There is an underlying precept in our country’s healthcare system that medical professionals can only survive through increased participation in insurance programs. The Less Insurance Dependence podcast series exposes that misperception, shedding light on how Dentists can thrive by breaking out of the insurance-controlled business model.

By Less Insurance Dependence

Guided Meditations by One Mind Therapy show

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This is Elizabeth Sockolov's podcast of guided meditations from her website One Mind Therapy. Learn more at www.OneMindTherapy.com/meditations

By Guided Meditations by One Mind Therapy

Virtue Riot show

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The Nazarite Challenge started as a men's spirtual health event, but why should men have all the fun. Virtue Riot is podcast for women growing in virtue, by women growing in virtue. This is a daily micropodcast with audio reflections on how women can live a life of virtue. The November 2018 edition of this podcast is focused on the Cardinal Virtues, Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance, and Justice.

By Catholic Balm Co

The Photo Report show

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The Photo Report focuses on the art and business of photography with interviews of top photographers.

By The Photo Report

Speak Freely TV show

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Speak Freely TV with Cahlen Lee is a podcast focused on the topics of Truth, Freedom and Human Potential.

By Cahlen Lee

بودكاست قفير show

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نصحبك إلى عالم الأفكار الملهمة، ونمتعك بألوان الحياة المختلفة

By Sami & Salim

Pwned: The Information Security Podcast show

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Pwned is a weekly information security podcast addressing real-world cybersecurity and information security challenges. Each week we cover a new topic from cybersecurity, to information security, to best practices, to security technology, and how-to's. All topics are from Security professionals, and CISOs and security stories from the field.

By Justin Fimlaid