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Startup Grind show

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Startup Grind is a global community aimed at educating, mentoring, and connecting every entrepreneur in the world, and helping them understand how they can be successful. As part of that goal, we've launched this podcast to give our community another way to access our amazing library of interviews from the world's smartest and most successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders. These interviews are taken from our global series of live events, which are held in more than 250 cities in 110 countries. New episodes will be added each week, featuring the best discussions from our past events as well as our latest speakers. For a full list of events, news, videos and more, check out www.StartupGrind.com, and don't forget to subscribe for more great content! Startup Grind is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

By www.startupgrind.com

Everything Cantonese show

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Everything Cantonese is a place for everyone to learn Cantonese/Chinese language and the culture behind traditional Chinese. Podcast on how to speak Cantonese, doing business in China, Chinese/Cantonese lifestyle, travel to china, chinese food and much more. This is perfect for anyone who wants to learn Cantonese, but dont know how to get started. This is also perfect for any person who has an interest in visiting southern china or just wanting to learn more about china and it's fast growing economy.

By Jwei : Learn Cantonese

Очень по-русски - Learn Russian slang with podcast show

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Go beyond standard textbooks and learn Russian as Russians speak it! Russian slang, common expressions and idioms explained on examples.

By Очень по-русски - Learn Russian slang with podcast

Podcast diario para aprender español - Learn Spanish Daily Podcast show

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Este es el podcast diario para aprender español. Publicamos un podcast cada día, de lunes a viernes. Hablaremos de temas de actualidad, cultura española, personajes españoles, consejos para aprender español... y mucho más.

By Hoy Hablamos

Podcast en Spanish (PES) - Learn Spanish as a Second Language show

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Podcast En Spanish is for anyone who wants to improve their Spanish

By Spanish Tutor DC

Dutch Level 1 - Reference show

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This podcast accompanies the material found on LanguageSurvivalGuide.com Dutch Level 1. The podcast contains all the Dutch recordings found in the Reference section: Verbs, Conversation, Essentials, Questions, Numbers, Holiday, Food & Drink.

By LanguageSurvivalGuide.com

PODCAST – Radio D show

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Möchten Sie Deutsch auch unterwegs auf unterhaltsame Art lernen? Radio D ist ein eigenständiger Sprachkurs, der sowohl mit als auch ohne Lehrer eingesetzt werden kann. - Der Audiosprachkurs Radio D umfasst zwei Serien mit jeweils 26 Folgen. Ein englischsprachiger Moderator führt jeweils durch die Sendung und thematisiert mit einem Gesprächspartner Strukturen und Wendungen der deutschen Sprache. Auch landeskundliche Aspekte werden einbezogen. - Jede Folge umfasst eine Informations-/Übersichtsseite eine Zusammenfassung unterschiedlicher Äußerungen, die für Ihren Wortschatz wichtig sind.

By Goethe-Institut

Bible Greek Vpod show

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Learn New Testament (Koine) Greek

By Unknown

문정아의 하이친 중국어 회화(매일 업데이트) show

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하루 3분, 중국어와 영어 두 마리 토끼를 한 번에 잡자. HSK 최다 합격생, 최다 수강생, 중국어 인강 1위의 문정아와 테스트 와이즈 토익 스피킹 대표 강사 바니의 톡톡 튀는 강의!

By PodOnAir 문정아HSK중국어

American Accent Podcast show

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Accent Trainer Sheri Summers answers YOUR Questions about English Pronunciation and the American Accent

By Sheri Summers