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Improving Intimacy show

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Improving Intimacy in Latter-day Saint Relationships

By Daniel A. Burgess

Mind and Body by Nightingale Conant show

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Feel and look great, enjoy vibrant health, increase your brainpower and develop a positive, life-affirming outlook, with the help of the world-renowned experts you’ll meet in these podcasts. Discover surprising natural diet solutions from Dr. Mark Hyman, brain boosting techniques from Win Wenger, secrets to longevity from Eric Plasker, and much, much more. Take charge of your physical, mental, and emotional health and well being today! Visit nightingale.com.

By Nightingale-Conant

Proverbial show

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The Bible is a cultural document! That means the texts it holds were written in a particular location, for a particular people, and in a particular time. We accept that world for what it is and we glean Godly principles from these sacred stories and passages. The Bible isn’t a fairy tale filled with made up characters - it’s a record of God’s unfailing love toward real, imperfect people.

By Erin Rose and Toya Obasi

School of Dating (Relationship and Marriage Advice) show

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Before you tie the knot, you have to understand that there are a lot of things that can go wrong in a marriage but any couple that doesn't recognize the sensitive nature of financial decisions and money management styles is in big trouble from the beginning. Financial planning is integral to any marriage. Money matters are not only one of the leading causes of divorce, but the destruction of any relationship.

By Steve Williams

The Steve Pavlina Method show

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no show description found

By Steve Pavlina and Chris Calabro

The Hope Podcast show

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Many of us feel as though we live in impossible situations. I understand. I have been there myself because I also struggle with anxiety and depression. The Hope Podcast will feature interviews with people who have lost hope and found it again. I live in southern New Jersey with my wife Lou Ann, and we recently celebrated 40 years of marriage together.

By Jim Leary

Study Of Yoga Podcast show

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This podcast features a collection of lectures by the Tureya Foundation on Spirituality and the science of Yoga Psychology

By Dr. Adam Cohen

The Intelligent Racer Podcast: Adventure Racing | Triathlons | Ultras show

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The Intelligent Racer looks to educate and entertain the endurance racing community through discussions with racing professionals and elite age groupers. By focusing on some of the world’s most interesting & challenging races and by interviewing professional athletes and elite age groupers competing in those races, every athlete can learn insightful lessons, becoming a more Intelligent Racer. Our focus is not on a specific endurance racing format, but instead we cover many formats including: Adventure Races, Triathlons and Ultra distance events. Lessons can be learned and applied across race formats, so we don’t wish to limit ourselves. Whether it is swimming, cycling, running or some other physical activity, if it’s in an endurance distance race, we are interested and we cover it.

By Adam: Endurance Racing Athlete and Aficionado

Sean vigue fitness show

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Features world class Yoga, Pilates and core workouts with personal training and fun bootcamps from central Florida’s premier fitness instructor - Sean Vigue. Find eating tips and the most current health and fitness news. Videos updated weekly.<br>Check out my award winning Pilates for Men workout on my website.<br>www.seanviguefitness.com www.facebook.com/seanvigue

By Sean Vigue Fitness

The Pat &amp; Ro Show show

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Pat Sherwood and Rory McKernan connect with members of the CrossFit community from around the globe to share their experiences, debate topics and highlight best practices.

By The Pat &amp; Ro Show