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Old Millennials Remember Movies

Summary: Two (old) Millennials re-watch and discuss movies from the era of their childhood (80s to 90s). Hold on to your butts for thoughtful and amusing conversation about the movies you loved, the movies you forgot, and the movies that should have stayed in the box.

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 Favorites of 2019 – OMRM – ep 67 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:43:58

Everybody else in the movie world talked about their favorite movies from 2019, so why not the crew from Old Millennials Remember Movies? We’re not just experts in 80s and 90s movies, we’re experts in liking many of the movies other people liked this year! Tyler has been making Top 10 lists for most of his adult life. Angela doesn’t like ranking things, but she’s committed to the cause. She created a whole point system this year! And after Angela Explains It All,  even you’ll be convinced of the merits of “Jumanji: The Next Level.” Okay, okay, so “Jumanji” didn’t actually make her list, but there are some surprises… so listen to the podcast! We even say some (somewhat) insightful things about the Capital I Important movies of the year. Tyler and Angela even agree on a few high profile choices. Could it be they even agree on the Best Movie of the Year? Spoiler: Yes. Tyler also shares a few of his super douchey T-Dub Awards, including prizes for Best Music Moment (It’s “Heaven”), Best Scenery Chewing, The “Not as Bad as Advertised” Award, the “So Bad You Have to See It to Believe It” Award, Best Homage to “Back to the Future Part II” and more! Old Millennials Best of 2019 podcast Tyler and Angela each share their Top 10 Films of 2019, as well as some Honorable Mention titles. You can count on some discussion on films like “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” Midsommar," “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” “Parasite,” “Us,” “The Farewell,” “The Irishman,” and Tyler’s beloved “Little Women.” Check out last year's Old Millennials Remember Movies episode on the Best Movies of 2018 HERE!  

 Little Women 1994 and 2019 – ep 66 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:02:29

The 1994 version of “Little Women” is a perfectly competent adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott classic story. Winona Ryder headlines a solid cast as Jo March, and Christian Bale proves he was a solid dreamboat in his formative years. Eric Stoltz a little less so, but hey, he’s trying. Yes, 1994 “Little Women” is just dandy, but then Greta Gerwig decided to make a GD masterpiece with her 2019 version. The writer/director of “Lady Bird” impressively remixes the story and adds modern flare at every turn.  Of course ONE Old Millennials Remember Movies host (spoiler: Angela) had to be convinced of the greatness of Gerwig’s “Little Women.” Okay, “convinced” is the wrong word, but Tyler probably loves this new version a little too much. Little Women podcast On this episode, Angela and Tyler discuss their very different histories with the 1994 version, get into some nerdy discussion on narrative structure, ponder the sexual appeal of Timothy Chalamet and try to get to the bottom of why Greta Gerwig decided it was Better to Call Saul. Also, please praise us, because we are 67% sure we pronounced Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh correctly throughout the entire episode. Note: We discuss the 1994 and 2019 “Little Women” throughout, including Gerwig’s bold take on the ending. Save this episode for later if you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to be spoiled. Old Millennials are also watching: Booksmart (2019) Late Night (2019)  

 Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi – ep 65 – 1983 plus Rise of Skywalker | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:21:14

What else could possibly be said about "Star Wars" that hasn't been said before? The answer is: Probably nothing! But Tyler and Angela will try in a discussion on "Return of the Jedi" and how it connects to the most recent "Star Wars" installment, "The Rise of Skywalker." Look, "Star Wars" movies have been messy for a long time now, and "Return of the Jedi" proves just how hard it can be to bring a trilogy across the finish line. There's lots of good stuff (lightsaber fights, Ewok traps that would eventually inspire Kevin McCallister, a cool cucumber named Lando Calrissian and the glorious sight of an electrified old man being casually tossed into an endless pit. BUT there are also the seeds of some of George Lucas' worst impulses as a storyteller, probably most apparent in how long "Return of the Jedi" takes to actually get to the point. Go away forever, Jabba the Hutt! And take your weird friends with you! Return of the Jedi podcast In this special episode of the Old Millennials Remember Movies podcast, Tyler and Angela discuss their very different histories with the "Star Wars" franchise. What do we consider to be quintessential "Star Wars" components, and how do the old movies serve as an anchor (and crutch) to J.J. Abrams' latest adventure, "The Rise of Skywalker"? We also talk about the crushing absence of Carrie Fisher in "Episode IX," translating robot blips and beeps and argue about Mark Hamill's series-wide performance as farm boy/Jedi hero/island grump/Force ghost Luke Skywalker. This is a spoiler-filled discussion of the connections between "Return of the Jedi" and "The Rise of Skywalker," so if you haven't seen the new movie, file this away for after you've seen it. Whether you're "Team Last Jedi" or "Team Rise of Skywalker" person, we've got some supportive comments for you. A special shout out to the "Star Wars" maniacs on the Internet. Please don't be too mean to us. Also discussed in this episode: 1917 (2019) The Mandalorian TV series (2019) 

 While You Were Sleeping – ep 64 – 1995 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:35

Join us in this "While You Were Sleeping" podcast and have yourself a Sandy New Year! America’s Sweetheart Sandra Bullock stars in “While You Were Sleeping” as a lonely woman who saves a handsome stranger from getting hit by a train, then pretends to be engaged to the guy after he falls into a coma. That’s creepy! But it’s Sandy Bullock, so it’s also charming and adorable. “While You Were Sleeping” takes place in Chicago, and the movie makes sure you know it by showing literally every distinguishable exterior of the city as many times as possible. In fact, “Chicago” is a more prominent character in the opening act than Bill Pullman, who stars as coma guy’s brother/Sandy’s one true love. Once Pullman movie gets in the movie though, prepare to be charmed out of your pants. He’s a freaking dreamboat, folks! While You Were Sleeping Podcast: Is this a holiday movie? Most of the movie takes place the week after Christmas, and a few significant moments happen on New Year’s Eve/Day, including the sudden awakening of coma guy (Peter Gallager, in full goober mode) and the rom-com antics that follow. So why aren’t you watching this movie around the holiday season? Stop watching “Love, Actually,” you monsters! This movie is better! In our Sandy New Year 2020 episode of Old Millennials Remember Movies, Tyler and Angela discuss the white-hot Bullock-Pullman chemistry, the extensive supporting cast of old folks, oversized sweaters and the film’s magic trick of an ending. Seriously, this is a movie about a diabolical liar/stalker, and you want to marry her anyway. Old Millennials are also watching: Uncut Gems (2019) Bombshell (2019) Marriage Story (2019) American Factory (2019) Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator (2019) Related episodes to the While You Were Sleeping podcast The Net (1995) - Our Sandy New Year episode from 2019 Also from “While You Were Sleeping” director Jon Turtletaub: 3 Ninjas (1992) Cool Runnings (1993)        

 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York – Ep 63 – 1992 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:22:14

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal! Again! Yes, "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" retreads almost every memorable thing from the original holiday classic, just in a different location. Plus Tim Curry! The McCallister family is back again, including Cheapskate Uncle Frank, future felon Buzz and, of course, Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister. Rather than being left home alone, Kevin follows the wrong dude onto an airplane (still plausible in this day-and-age, by the way, assuming the gate attendants are as incompetent as the fine American Airline employees depicted here). His family heads to Florida, and Kevin goes to New York, and guess what?! You're never going to believe this but, yes, the Wet Bandits Harry and Marv are ALSO in New York (now known as the Sticky Bandits), and, look, this is going to blow your mind... they have multiple run-ins with Kevin! What?! How?! What a small world! If you were a kid when the original "Home Alone" came out, chances are you also loved this sequel. Because it's the SAME MOVIE! Now with more murderous booby traps. Home Alone 2 Lost in New York Podcast In this episode of Old Millennials Remember Movies, Tyler and Angela (okay, mostly Tyler) marvel at all the hoops "Lost in New York" must jump through just to rehash the first movie. How can John Heard and Catherine O'Hara screw up as parents again!? Don't worry, they never lose their luggage. Did you love Joe Pesci in "The Irishman?" Great, because he's also in "Home Alone 2." Couldn't get enough Daniel Stern in "Bushwacked?" He's back too! In the Lost in New York podcast, we discuss how the real Plaza Hotel probably shouldn't have allowed their staff to look so idiotic and creepy in a big Hollywood blockbuster. We also dig deep into Pigeon Lady (homeless or not?), as well as Kevin's not-insulting-at-all advice that equates complicated human relationships with GD roller blades. Also, we can't ignore the presidential cameo. Sorry in advance. How many bricks to the head can a man truly endure before experiencing severe brain damage (it's more than three, apparently)? How often do electrocutions turn people (briefly) into skeletons? How are these robbers not DEAD?! Most importantly, the Old Millennials are here to remind all the kids out there how Kevin's genius little schemes are actually almost always complete failures. Just call the cops, kids. Right away. Old Millennials are also watching: Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) Waves (2019) Honey Boy (2019) The Souvenir (2019) Transit (2019) The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006) Check out these other holiday episodes of Old Millennials Remember Movies Home Alone (1990) Episode 26 The Santa Clause (1994) Episode 61 Jingle All the Way (1996) Episode 27

 Reindeer Games – ep 62 – 2000 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:32:33

Sad Affleck. Mad Affleck. Ice cold, chilly Affleck. Affleck in a cowboy hat (again). Affleck Butt. Santa Affleck. In "Reindeer Games," Ben Affleck is many things, and it's all totally baffling. You'd be forgiven for forgetting all about "Reindeer Games," the Christmas-set thriller that released in theaters in February (!) 2000. It's directed by a legendary filmmaker, John Frankenheimer, at the tail-end of his life, written by a guy who would go on to write several "Transformers" movies, and co-starring a guy who replaced Vin Diesel early in the production so Diesel could go make the first "Fast and the Furious." So, you know, "Reindeer Games," didn't exactly work out. But... BUT! "Reindeer Games" is also one of the twistiest and most ridiculous movies of its generation, featuring Gary Sinise as a sleazy, greasy-haired gun runner who refers to Affleck's character solely as "convict." Charlize Theron plays an OG Catfish (sorta) who falls in love with Affleck's prison cell mate. That guy gets shivved, so Affleck takes over his identity because... well, it's Charlize f'in Theron. Yes, Affleck, playing a guy named Rudy impersonating a guy named Nick (get it? GET IT?) is a pretty big sleazeball, but don't worry. Everybody in this movie are bigger sleazeballs, making "Reindeer Games" the feel-good Christmas movie of 2000! Reindeer Games podcast In this Old Millennials Remember (Christmas) Movies podcast episode, Tyler and Angela discuss the baffling title ("Don't play no reindeer games with me, convict!"), try to explain all the ridiculous hoops the bad guys must go through just to execute a poorly-planned casino heist and talk about the emotional resonance of a single Affleck tear rolling down Affleck cheek. Also, Angela defines a "director's cut" in her own words on an impromptu game of America's fastest growing podcast segment, "Angela Explains It All." Old Millennials are also watching: Dark Waters (2019) Marriage Story (2019) Noelle (2019) Dr. Seuss' The Grinch (2018) The Santa Clause 2 (2002) Check out these other episodes of Old Millennials! The Santa Clause (1994) episode 61 Phantoms (1998) - episode 56 Scrooged (1988) - episode 24

 The Santa Clause – ep 61 – 1994 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:38:53

It's Christmas Time with MORE POWER! Grunt, grunt, grunt! Back in 1994, before he became the voice of Buzz Lightyear, Tim Allen was a comedian and star of one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, "Last Man Stand..." err "Home Improvement." "The Santa Clause" propelled Allen into an even bigger spotlight, becoming one of Disney's go-to personalities. Movies like "Jungle 2 Jungle" and "The Shaggy Dog" remake exist because Tim Allen was just so bankable. At least he capped the decade by starring in a genuine classic, 1999's "Galaxy Quest." "The Santa Clause" was a cultural phenomenon, causing a whole lot of people to constantly misspell both this movie's title and the Big Man himself. It also gifted the world a fashion icon - Judge Reinhold in his festive sweaters. As far as we're concerned, there will be no Mock Trial with J. Reinhold when it comes to deciding the MVP of this movie. Tyler and Angela discuss "The Santa Clause" at length. Well, mostly, Tyler just gushes over his childhood love of the flick. The first 30 minutes play out like the most spectacular episode of "Home Improvement" of all time, with Allen's Scott Calvin forced to deliver presents after he essentially startles the real Santa to death. "My name is Judge." We talk about the curious spotlight of a mediocre Denny's restaurant (which is probably not doing the Denny's brand any favors), the existence of sentient pervert puppets, the terrifying elf infestation that's happening all over Scott Calvin's hometown, and the darker aspects of the Santa contract featured in the movie. Why aren't the elves at the North Pole so indifferent about the death of the previous Santa? Was he a slave driver or something? So listen to this "Santa Clause" podcast and return to the magical Disney world of parent custody battles, minor kidnapping and the dangers of being a firefighter. An actual line in this movie: "Remember kids, there's nothing more painful than third degree burns." Indeed. Old Millennials are also Watching Frozen II (2019) Knives Out (2019) The Irishman (2019) The Report (2019) Other Old Millennials Podcast episodes you might like: Home Alone - Ep 26 - 1990 Jingle All the Way - Ep 27 - 1996 Scrooged - ep 24 - 1988 Tim Allen talks about the original opening idea for Santa Clause (about halfway through this clip):

 Willow – ep 60 – 1988 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:26:42

"Willow" definitely contributed to Angela's love of magic and the supernatural. She remembers many, many great moments from watching "Willow" as a kid. Meanwhile, Tyler kinda remembers a sledding scene. Maybe? This Willow podcast touches on ALL the memorable things from the somewhat-underappreciated Ron Howard fantasy adventure, including baby vomit, Brownies (not the delicious kind) and dirty Val Kilmer teeth! George Lucas concocted the story of "Willow," and he surely hoped the movie would explode in popularity like his "Star Wars" trilogy. That didn't exactly happen, which isn't really the movie's fault, or even George's fault. Well, except that he included those Jar Jar-esque Brownies. The Willow podcast includes Tyler and Angela discussing the incomparable charisma of Val Kilmer (playing a guy named Madmartigan - awesome name), the steady presence of Warwick Davis, pig transformations, syrup wigs, the possible origins of the xenomorph, and much more. Also, is the baby in "Willow" the most charismatic performer in history? Yes, the answer is yes. Plus, Tyler reads fan emails, and the very essence of being a millennial culminates into one of Tyler's life mantras - "It's not that I wouldn't. It's just that I didn't." Old Millennials Are Also Watching Ford v Ferrari (2019) A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019) The Mandalorian (2019) Anna and the Apocalypse (2018) Klaus (2019)   Recommended past episodes from Old Millennials: The Dark Crystal The Neverending Story Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

 Blank Check – ep 59 – 1994 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:36:30

Old Millennials Remember Movies celebrates the debut of Disney+ by watching the most popular and talked about movie on the entire platform: 1994's "Blank Check." Fun fact: This Blank Check podcast was always intended to be one of our first shows. It's a movie fondly remembered from both Tyler and Angela's childhood, and it's totally insane to watch as an adult. Why did we wait until episode 59? Because the DVD was always too expensive. "Blank Check" is the quintessential $5 Wal-mart bin movie. Never pay a penny more! Blank Check podcast Blank Check follows Preston Waters, a money-obsessed 11-year-old with a cheap jerk for a dad ($7 for an entire day at an amusement park? OK, boomer), and a sweet Macintosh Performa 600 computer. A bad guy (Miguel Ferrer) trusts the absolute worst banker in the world to run a convoluted money laundering scheme, and, long story short, the banker confuses Preston with a criminal named JUICE and the kid ends up with a million dollars in cash money. The real JUICE is played by Tone Loc, which of course makes this movie essential viewing. BROTHERS DON'T SURF! Preston buys a local castle, a water slide, and the dignity of a bumbling limo driver before setting his sights on another banker/undercover FBI agent, played by Karen Duffy. That's when "Blank Check" gets WEIRD. Yes, this is the movie where an ADULT woman dates a child, frolicks through a water fountain with him then later kisses him on the GD lips. People talk about old Disney movies being a bit outdated, but usually they're talking about "Peter Pan" from 1953. "Blank Check" was made in the 90s! Even as kids, we thought this turn of events was pretty weird. Angela and Tyler discuss this and many other crazy elements in the Blank Check podcast episode of Old Millennials Remember Movies. Also discussed in this episode: The Mandalorian (TV series) Parasite (2019) Jojo Rabbit (2019) The Nightingale (2019) The World According to Jeff Goldblum (TV series) Legacies (TV series)    

 The Dark Crystal – ep 58 – 1982 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:04:24

In this Dark Crystal Podcast, Old Millennials Remember Movies travels to the magical world of Gobblyglee... or Blabbitybloo to watch a story of an elf guy going on an epic adventure to fix a big purple crystal and stop some creepy, reptile ostrich doodads. Okay, so that's not exactly it, but if you didn't watch this movie as a kid, then it all could be a little overwhelming. Regardless, "The Dark Crystal" from 1982 is an incredibly imaginative production from puppeteer/genius Jim Henson. The movie contains ZERO human characters and about a million puppets. It's set on the planet Thra, where those ostrich guys, Skeksis, have sucked the life force of the Dark Crystal and basically ruined the world. It's up to a couple gelfins, Jen and Kira, as well as a Furby/Tribble-looking dog named Fizzgig to save the planet! Or whatever! The Dark Crystal Podcast In this episode, Angela endures a game of "Angela Explains It All" just so Tyler can keep all the monster names straight. Listen, he prefers Muppets named Gonzo and Kermit. We also talk about gelfin dream-sharing abilities (is it like their form of sex, or what?), the remarkable puppetry and design elements in the film, whether the inclusion of Frank Oz here means a possible shared universe between "Dark Crystal" and "Star Wars" (IT DOESN'T, NERDS), and how our young children reacted to the Skeksis and their big, buggy minions. We also watched a couple episodes from Netflix's star-studded new prequel series, "The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance." Really, it's incredible to see an entire series of television in 2019 so committed to puppetry. Does the story hold up? Is the new show better than the movie? Will the Fizzigigs multiply to astronomical numbers and wreak havoc on the USS Enterprise? Listen in to this Dark Crystal Podcast from Old Millennials Remember Movies! Old Millennials Are Also Watching Tune in to the first part of the Dark Crystal Episode to hear about what we're watching these days: Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) The Laundromat (2019) Dolemite is My Name (2019) The Gorgon (1964) Other Old Millennials Podcast Episodes to Check Out The Neverending Story - episode 5 Tremors - episode 44 Predator - episode 18

 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – ep 57 – 2002 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:24:07

In the second installment of the immensely successful  film series, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley must solve a mystery and not die, and they have to do it all with limited help from their ever-resourceful friend, Hermione Granger. Wait, what? A movie where Hermione has almost nothing to do? What the hell, J.K. Rowling?! Last November, Old Millennials Remember Movies covered the first "Harry Potter" movie, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." We showed it to our kids and tried to a. scare them and b. get them excited about a franchise we love. Neither goal really worked out, but here we are this November trying it again. When "Chamber of Secrets" arrived in theaters in 2002, Old Millennials Tyler and Angie were just finishing high school and still pretending to be cooler than kids who like "Harry Potter" movies. Still, we generally liked this movie when it came out, but time hasn't been kind to this particular installment. Though based on the shortest book, "Chamber of Secrets" is the longest movie, and it takes a lot of time on side-adventures that factor little into the plot of a beast petrifying cats and ghosts and kids around Hogwarts. Plus there's more Quidditch, this time with better-but-still-lousy CGI, and here's your annual reminder that Quidditch doesn't make any GD sense. Also, for several examples of gross negligence committed by teachers at a private school, look no further than "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"! In this Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets podcast episode, Tyler and Angie discuss the good stuff (Jason Isaacs! Kenneth Branagh! Giant spiders!) alongside some of the reasons why the franchise needed a new direction for "Prisoner of Azkaban." We also discuss the 35-year-old playing teenage ghost Moaning Myrtle, Roger Ebert's creepy review of the movie, why young Dumbledore doesn't look like Jude Law, and Dobby, an elf that repeatedly makes the correct decision to bash himself in the head. Hit it harder, dummy. Find our Old Millennials podcast episode on "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" HERE. It was episode 23, and it was brilliant, probably. Also discussed this episode: The Lighthouse (2019) Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) Forever (TV series)

 Phantoms – ep 56 – 1998 & Jay and Silent Bob | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:25:14

In this Phantoms podcast, you'll definitely hear how Tyler loves Ben Affleck. And if you haven't heard, according to Jay from Jay and Silent Bob, Affleck was the BOMB in Phantoms, YO! Phantoms is a movie few people have seen. It bombed at the box office, despite the studio using the Oscar push for "Good Will Hunting" to sell Affleck and this cheesy monster flick from the mind of Dean Koontz, aka "The guy you read when that Stephen King book has too many pages in it." For many people our age, Phantoms is more tied to a couple of pretty good jokes in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," where Ben Affleck, playing his "Chasing Amy" character of Holden McNeill, talks to Jay about that "kid" in "Good Will Hunting" delivering the performance of the century in this little flick. But, as you'll learn when listening to this Phantoms podcast, the movie itself is worth watching, mostly because of how much absolute insanity it delivers throughout its brisk 90-minute runtime. Seriously, this movie is crazy. It starts off as a story of murderous ghosts (maybe), then turns into a monster flick about a Godlike creature that can literally do whatever it wants, including make lazy homages to "The Thing." This movie also stars Peter OToole. Yes, that beloved Peter O'Toole. And he's in quite a bit of it! You know, "Lawrence of Arabia's" Peter O'Toole. He's here with Rose McGowen and Ben Affleck in a gigantic cowboy hat. Speaking of Rose McGowen, "Phantoms" has a part to play in the eventual exposure of that dickhead Harvey Weinstein. Listen to Tyler talk around some speculation of the messed-up history of Miramax. Also on the Phantoms podcast, we discuss the very strange performance of Liev Schrieber, who in the late-1990s specialized in playing creepy weirdos, or weirdo creeps. This one is especially bug-nuts. Perhaps even creepier, the barely-regarded tragic backstory of Ben Affleck's FBI agent-turned-cowboy-sheriff. The climax of this movie leans hard on it, and well, it's unbelievable. Happy Halloween - Phantoms Podcast This Phantoms Podcast gets into the actual movie at about the 45 minute mark. Tyler talks about Jay and Silent Bob a lot during the first part of this podcast, specifically about his experience watching the Fathom Events Jay and Silent Bob double-feature. He talks about his history with 2001's "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," which includes a harrowing story of his high school friends driving an ungodly speed on the freeway in an effort to catch every second of Kevin Smith's View Askew extravaganza. This leads into a conversation about the new "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot," which people can check out when Kevin Smith travels the country with his Reboot Roadshow over the next few months. Other Halloweeny Podcasts to Check Out In addition to this awesome Phantoms Podcast, if you’re in the mood for MORE Halloweeny podcasts, be sure to go back to some of our other Old Millennials Remember Movies Podcast Episodes: The Monster Squad Podcast Event Horizon Podcast Teen Witch Podcast Ernest Scared Stupid Podcast Hellraiser Podcast Old Millennials are also watching: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019) West Side Story (1961) Kiss Me Kate (1953) Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald (2018)

 Hellraiser – ep 55 – 1987 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:08:31

In 1987, I was only four years old and Tyler was three -- join us in this Hellraiser Podcast to hear how we both first experienced this 1987 Horror flick. My parents are definitely guilty of raising millennials, but to give them credit, I did not see Hellraiser when I was four years old. It may have been at least a few years later. Happy Halloween - Hellraiser Podcast Hellraiser is an interesting movie to go back and re-watch (or as I like to introduce it - a "fun little flick"). Tyler and I definitely had some fun with this Hellraiser Podcast. You can cozy up to this movie to celebrate Halloween, or watch it any time of the year. For now, Hellraiser is available on Hulu!  We suggest watching it and then listening to this Hellraiser podcast if you have the time! The Hellraiser trailer will pull you in immediately in this podcast episode! "Somewhere, beyond the light and the dark, beyond our secret desires and deepest fears, lies the door beyond all our limits." "We have such sights to show you..." "Hellraiser - there are NO limits. Rated R." We ask and discuss some questions like, What's up with the puzzle box? What's up with the lady being cool with killing people to help super gross Frank? Also, we talk about how the 80s are great for punishing women for being "sluts" ... as in, murdering them. That'll show them! 80s Sexism at its best! If you hang on to the end of this episode, you'll get to enjoy a very deep conversation about acupuncture and the cultural impacts of Hellraiser on this alternative health practice. Also, will you agree with Tyler that I'm creating a narrative in our Old Millennials Remember Podcast that one of us is a hero and the other a villain? I think Tyler is a bit dramatic about it, but you decide. Other Halloweeny Podcasts to Check Out In addition to our Hellraiser Podcast, if you're in the mood for MORE Halloweeny podcasts, be sure to go back to some of our other Old Millennials Remember Movies Podcast Episodes: The Monster Squad Podcast Event Horizon Podcast Teen Witch Podcast Ernest Scared Stupid Podcast Old Millennials are also Watching: Fleabag (and I really botched my viewing experience on this one!) Deadwood: The Movie Toy Story 4 Thanks for listening! Let us know what YOU think, or what you'd like us to watch. Send us a message or leave a comment below!

 Ernest Scared Stupid – ep 54 – 1991 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:08

Let's head back to 1991 for a memorable Halloween Movie from our childhood, in this Ernest Scared Stupid Podcast. One of us remembers loving this movie (spoiler - it's me, Angela) and Tyler doesn't remember much at all. Happy Halloween - Ernest Scared Stupid Podcast Tyler may not have remembered it as well or as fondly, but tune in to hear the details and see what YOU remember! The question we ask is, should you re-watch this? Should you watch it with your kids if you choose to re-watch it? Is there something "else" happening in this movie (is Ernest real? is this a dark allegory?). Tyer and I discuss: the wildly impressive treehouse that could and SHOULD get featured on HGTV, the unusual relationship Ernest has with the children in town, incompetent parents, and how this movie might be the unknown inspiration of a famous movie writer and director (can you guess who?). In this Ernest Scared Stupid Podcast, we also highlight how the obesity of children is not a new concept from the last decade; kids have been fat (at least in movies) for a while - look at the evidence in Ernest Scared Stupid! It's not helpful to call kids fat, but what WAS it with the chubby kids always being the bullies in these 90s movies? We also discuss the "look" of the troll in Ernest Scared Stupid. I mean, look at him, I was eight years old and terrified!! Tyler shares some fun facts, too - like where the pizza props came from in the pizza shooter. Hint: it's from one of his favorite movies! Last Halloween, we shared some other favorites with you! If you're in a Halloweeny mood, be sure to go back and check out these Old Millennials Remember Movies Podcast episodes: The Monster Squad Podcast Event Horizon Podcast Teen Witch Podcast Old Millennials are also watching Joker Fleabag It Came From Outerspace Working Moms  

 Girls Just Want To Have Fun – ep 53 – 1985 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:23:10

We go back to 1985 for this Girls Just Want to have Fun Podcast. Did you watch and love it? Tyler and I never actually saw this back in the day, so this is our take on first viewing. Girls Just Want to have Fun Podcast Don't worry; we are talking about all the best parts of this movie, including Sarah Jessica Parker's amazingly beautiful thick eyebrows and Helen Hunt's badass hair clip and hat game. There are some amazing parts, like what a great friend Helen Hunt is, including her willingness to lie and help her friend out in all times of need. Also, she has such an impressive hair and hat game - from dinosaur clips to racoon hats, it's amazing. The 80s were such a fashionable time for good hats. Sadly, there are still plenty of awful things about this movie, like how mamby pamby Sarah Jessica Parker is. A few odd surprises are discussed as well, like how even though the title of the movie is Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and the song is featured in the film, it is NOT Cyndi Lauper singing. Really? Couldn't the movie get the real thing? Disappointing! Old Millennials Also Discuss Other Movies and Shows Between Two Ferns, the movie Being There In the Heat of the Night American Beauty Bring the Funny - NBC Reality Show Old Millennials Remember Helen Hunt This Girls Just Want to Have Fun Podcast isn't the first movie we Old Millennials returned to that featured Helen Hunt. We also went back to Twister back in Podcast Episode 1! How is it that Helen Hunt basically doesn't age between these two movies? It's incredible!    


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