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Summary: Join the Packet Pushers for weekly (or more!) conversations about data networking. Continuous professional development. Architecture and design, software defined, cloud, routing, switching, security, wireless, campus, enterprise, and more. Technical discussions with vendors about their products, deep dialog with real people who make networks work.

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 Heavy Networking 518: Learning To Live With SNMP | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:51

Perhaps the most arcane technology in networking is the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which, despite its name, is one of the utmost confusing pieces of technology to actually use. SNMP is a Cthulu-like figure that is everywhere, but darkness and despair surrounds it. While SNMP is fading away and being replaced with new options, it persists because it’s so widely implemented. On today’s show we’ve enlisted the aid of experienced warriors to stare into the darkness of SNMP to help us master it. Joining me is Michael Lucas, who recently published the book SNMP Mastery which, after reading, inspired this podcast. He’s also the author of “Cisco Routers for the Desperate,” “SSH Mastery” (which I also highly recommend) and “Savaged by SystemD: an Erotic Unix Encounter.” We’re also joined by Allan Jude, a FreeBSD and Open ZFS developer and co-conspirator with Michael. We discuss: * How we got SNMP in the first place * What the protocol gets right * SNMP survival tips * Why MIBs are confusing * More Sponsor: ITProTV ITProTV helps you make your heavy networking skills–and others–even heavier. Get a 7-day free trial and 30% savings off of any plan you choose! Visit ITPro.TV/packetpushers and use promo code PACKETPUSHERS at checkout. Sponsor: Itential Itential is intelligent automation for multi-domain and multi-vendor networks. You can find out more about Itential in Heavy Networking 503, and at itential.com/packetpushers. Show Links: SNMP Mastery – Michael W. Lucas SSH Master – Michael W. Lucas Michael W. Lucas on Twitter Allan Jude on Twitter 2.5 Admins Podcast BSD Now Podcast

 Heavy Networking 517: DriveNets Disaggregates SP And Cloud Networks To Boost Capacity, Control Costs(Sponsored) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:34

Today on Heavy Networking we get nerdy about disaggregation with sponsor DriveNets. The company’s Network Cloud routing software runs on whitebox hardware and enables service providers and telcos to quickly scale capacity, control capital outlay, and support automation in their networks. DriveNets software enables the use of distributed, disaggregated whitebox routers that function as an integrated unit. Our guests to explain it all are Amir Krayden, VP R&D Customers; and Yuval Moshe, VP of Products. We discuss: * The value proposition for disaggregation * Its operational impact * DriveNets’ software architecture * Orchestration and centralized management * The company’s roadmap * More Show Links: Resources for DriveNets’ disaggregated router – DriveNets Introducing Network Cloud: From Traditional Chassis to software-based Networking – DriveNets whitepaper DriveNets blog DriveNets on Twitter DriveNets on LinkedIn

 Heavy Networking 516: Is LISP The Overlay Of The Future? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:11

Today’s podcast episode is a debate on network overlays. The industry has seen the rise of overlay networking in the data center (EVPN, VXLAN and others), and many SD-WAN solutions rely on overlays. We’re also seeing overlays make their way into the campus; for example, Cisco’s SD Access campus fabric relies on LISP. Guest Cory Steele visits the podcast to make the case that overlays such as LISP are the way to go. Greg Ferro makes the case for overlay protocols like QUIC, TLS, and IPSec, and argues for the concept of end-to-end connectivity as the IP network was intended. Cory is a senior consultant and network engineer. They discuss: * The pros and cons of “map and encap” protocols such as LISP * Why LISP may not scale * The challenges of endpoint mobility * Practical applications of LISP * The failures of past protocols * More Sponsor: Itential Itential is intelligent automation for multi-domain and multi-vendor networks. You can find out more about Itential in Heavy Networking 503, and at itential.com/packetpushers. Show Links: Cory Steele on LinkedIn PQ Show 55 – LISP Update 2015 – Packet Pushers Cisco SD Access: An Introduction And Technical Overview – Packet Pushers Ignition Course

 Heavy Networking 515: A Decade of Network Podcasting | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:25

We interrupt our programming to commemorate ten years of podcasting. In this brief chat, Ethan and Greg discuss where we came from and where we are going. Note the retro music we used, and check out outro too. Our complete focus is on the listener. We aim to bring you a package that supports your career and your work. We fill in the gaps that certification and news leaves. We think about the why and when, and present some perspectives for you to think about. You make your own decisions. Links: Human Infrastructure Magazine – https://packetpushers.net/newsletter Send us your followup, feedback and advice – https://packetpushers.net/fu The first episode May 2, 2010 :  Show 01 – Lab Scenario – The First Podcast – Packet Pushers   Automated Transcription – Unedited HN 525 10 Years of Networking [00:00:00] Greg Ferro: [00:00:00] you know, you know Ethan, it’s been 10 years since we started. Yes. 10  Ethan Banks: [00:00:07] so I’ve been thinking about this. Okay. So if you look at my resume, uh, typically I’ve, I rotate out jobs every two, three, four years, depending. This is the longest single job I’ve had, not that we did at full time. At the beginning. It took a while, but 10 years that I’ve worked with you as a coworker of all people, Mr. Farrell. Oh my goodness.  Greg Ferro: [00:00:24] I’m not sure who needs, who needs a metal, you or me. It’s a little hard to tell it to give each  Ethan Banks: [00:00:29] other metals, but you’re fantastic tolerance award.  Greg Ferro: [00:00:33] Yeah. So this is the, this is the, um, very odd occasion where you’ll hear Ethan and I actually talking about ourselves to ourselves. So we don’t generally do this. And very rarely, if you’ve been listening to the show regularly, do we ever actually put our personal lives or anything about the packet pushers. As a business on the thing. But this is our 10 year anniversary show. We started in May, 2010 and [00:01:00] it’s been quite a journey.  Ethan Banks: [00:01:02] Well, you summed it up nicely, uh, several times here that we’ve been too stupid to quit. That is, there’s a lot of reasons along the way where it’s like, we need to stop doing this for our personal sanity, for time’s sake, for whatever. Um, and we didn’t, we just kind of have kept on going. But of course now we are a little more motivated cause it is our livelihood.  Greg Ferro: [00:01:22] Yeah, it is. But in Silicon Valley they call it true grit and the top leaders never given, and I call it being too stupid to quit cause it’s just, that’s actually what it is. Any rational human being would have gone on back to work and done normal jobs, you know, disappeared into the woodwork and not a face up. You know, remember there was a time back there when we would say things and we’d get abused by vendors and. We’d be contacted by senior execs threatening us with various things, and that’s chat. That’s no longer a thing. Obviously as the chain, you know, as, as social media and influencers are now seen as analysts, that’s changed that game a lot.  Ethan Banks: [00:01:57] The tone has changed and now we just gotta [00:02:00] be careful that what we say makes good sense and it’s actually benefiting someone that’s, that’s always a balance that we strike it. Greg Ferro: [00:02:06] Well, for those people who don’t know, how does packet pushes think about what we do?

 Heavy Networking 514: Aruba’s Vision Extends From The Data Center To The Edge (Sponsored) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:01:30

On today’s Heavy Networking we talk about building a unified network infrastructure with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. While Aruba is best known for wireless, the company also has a portfolio of data center and campus switches, SD-WAN, and an access control and policy enforcement system to bring it all together. This is a sponsored episode, and our guests are Keerti Melkote, Aruba President and Founder; and Michael Dickman, Senior Vice President and GM of Switching. We discuss: * Aruba’s origins in wireless * AOS-CX, a revamped network operating system that runs across Aruba’s switch portfolio * The company’s vision for unifying the network from the edge to the data center * Transforming SD-WAN into SD-Branch * The primacy of wireless as the access layer * Aruba ClearPass as a compelling differentiator * More Show Links: Aruba Atmosphere, June 9, 2020 Airheads Broadcasting Channel – YouTube Aruba Blogs Keerti Melkote on Twitter Aruba on Twitter The Aruba 8400 Chassis Switch. Yes, But Why? – Packet Pushers Aruba Debuts New Campus And Data Center Switches, Upgrades Its Network OS – Packet Pushers

 Heavy Networking 513: How The Internet Is Handling The Covid-19 Load | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:29

As stay-at-home orders came down from governments around the world, questions arose about whether the Internet would be able to handle the load from hoards of remote workers, online schooling, and an increase in the consumption of streaming services from people stuck at home. Today’s Heavy Networking looks at the impact of Covid-19 on Internet usage and capacity with two guests with front-row views: Neil McRae, Senior Leader at British Telecom and a board member of the London Internet Exchange; and Dave Temkin, VP of Infrastructure at Netflix and founder of Community IX. We discuss: * Changing traffic patterns * Differences between average and peak traffic and why that matters * Why enterprise traffic is less of a factor than you might expect * Potential areas of concern * The role of human collaboration in running the global Internet * The impact on mobile networks and 5G * More Sponsor: ITProTV Grow your IT career with online IT training from ITProTV. From CompTIA, Cisco, and Microsoft, ITProTV has over 4,000 hours of training. Stream courses live or on demand on your favorite device. Get a 7-day free trial and 30% off all plans at ITPro.tv/packetpushers and use the code PACKETPUSHERS at checkout. Show Links: Dave Temkin on Twitter Neil McRae on Twitter Internet Usage Measurements in the Time of Corona – RIPE Labs Global Network Traffic (COVID-19) – Google Slides

 Heavy Networking 512: Production Ready Automation With Cumulus Networks (Sponsored) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:00

In today’s Heavy Networking episode, we talk network automation. That’s a topic we’ve covered before on Packet Pushers, so what wondrous newness does sponsor Cumulus Networks bring to the table? The idea is a system that’s ready for you to use. Why? Because a lot of folks are finding that rolling their own artisanal network automation takes considerable time both to create and maintain. And hey…maybe you didn’t plan it the first time like you would if you could it again. You didn’t know what you didn’t know. Cumulus is now offering the first open source, out-of-the-box, robust, end-to-end automated configuration and testing solution using Ansible. Customers no longer have to piece together their network automation from disparate and untested scripts and proof-of-concept playbooks. Cumulus is offering a framework for an elegant push-button solution for those looking for cutting-edge industry automation while reducing operational overhead. – Production Ready Automation, Cumulus Blog, March 4, 2020. Our guests are Pete Lumbis, Director of Technical Marketing and Rama Darbha, Director of Services at Cumulus Networks. What We Discuss * What network automation problems are being addressed by Cumulus with Production Ready Automation? * What is Production Ready Automation (PRA)? Let’s get into the details. * How is PRA maintained? Why should I care? * Why does PRA leverage Ansible and not my personal favorite automation tool I love so very, very much? * If I’m not a Cumulus customer, how can I test PRA? * What’s on the PRA roadmap? Links Are Life Cumulus Production Ready Automation Blog https://cumulusnetworks.com/blog/first-open-source-automation-solution/ Cumulus Networks Production Ready Automation Repo aka “The Golden Turtle” https://gitlab.com/cumulus-consulting/goldenturtle Cumulus In The Cloud Free Demo https://cumulusnetworks.com/citc Pete Lumbis on Twitter @PeteCCDE Rama Darbha on Twitter @Radar_Bot

 Heavy Networking 511: A Wireless Upgrade Case Study | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:10:23

Today’s Heavy Networking is all about wireless. Guest Bryan Ward, Lead Network Engineer at Dartmouth College, takes us through a campus-wide wireless upgrade that the institution is currently undertaking. The deployment requires thousands of new APs that will support up to 30,000 devices every day. In addition to providing wireless for students, the WLAN must also support faculty, staff, and administration. Besides APs, the college is also installing new cables, switches, racks, and fiber. We discuss: * The issues driving the upgrade * Why Dartmouth is switching vendors * The necessity of planning and testing * RF and attenuation issues in old and new campus buildings * Project planning challenges * More Show Links: BryanWard.net Bryan Ward on Twitter: @_bryan_ward_ Dartmouth at a Glance Show 381: Inside The Pros & Cons Of 802.11ax – Packet Pushers

 Heavy Networking 510: Take A Modern Approach To SD-WAN And Networking With Fortinet (Sponsored) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:01

Fortinet has assembled an extensive portfolio of security and access products, including firewalls, SD-WAN appliances, switches, and wireless APs. Much of this portfolio leverages Fortinet’s FortiOS, which provides a uniform code base and operating model. In addition, Fortinet has developed a security fabric that can integrate Fortinet and third-party products to provide broad visibility across your organization and extend security controls throughout the enterprise, branch, cloud, and remote users. On today’s sponsored show, we dig into Fortinet’s portfolio, including SD-WAN. We discuss customer use cases, examine how the fabric works, and explore how Foritnet integrates its own and third-party security tools to enhance visibility and automation. Our guest is Stephen Watkins, Director and Principal Security Architect at Fortinet. Show Links: Fortinet Secure SD-WAN – Fortinet Heavy Networking 487: Fortinet And The Secure SD-WAN (Sponsored) – Packet Pushers

 Heavy Networking 509: Zscaler – Enabling Fast, Secure Remote Work For Employees (Sponsored) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:34

Today’s show goes deep on cloud-based security, remote access, and zero trust with sponsor Zscaler. In particular we explore Zscaler Private Access, a cloud-based alternative to traditional IPSec VPNs. We take a packet walk through Zscaler’s service to understand how it works, dive into how Zscaler handles SSL encryption and decryption, review the security services that Zscaler provides, and more. Our guest is Lisa Lorenzin, Director, Transformation Strategy at Zscaler. We discuss: * How Zscaler itself is scaling up to handle increased demand * Getting security & network pros to relinquish appliances in favor of cloud-based services * Making a step-by-step transition to cloud-based security * Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) as an IPSec VPN alternative * How ZPA leverages TLS * Enabling a zero trust environment * A customer case study * More Show Links: Free Interactive Experience of ZPA (Zscaler Private Access) – Zscaler Work-From-Home Simplified – Zscaler The Definitive Guide to Secure Remote Access – Zscaler Blog: How DB Schenker is Enabling ALL APAC Employees to Work Remotely – LinkedIn

 Heavy Networking 508: Should Network Engineers Learn Advanced Programming Languages? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:09:15

Today’s Heavy Networking explores what it’s like to get deeply into programming while still being attached to the world of networking. We discuss the transition from day-to-day networking tasks to spending more time with code, the role of programming in automation, and what’s changed and what hasn’t over the past ten years. Our guests are Matt Stone, Brent Salisbury, Dave Tucker, and Daryn Johnson. This episode covers: * Reasons to expand your career to encompass programming * Job opportunities at the intersection of networking and coding * Programming and automation * The role of open-source software * The case for Rust and Go over Python * More Sponsor: ThousandEyes ThousandEyes gives you performance visibility from every user to every app over any network, both internal and external, so you can migrate to the cloud, troubleshoot faster and deliver exceptional user experiences. Sign up for a free account at thousandeyes.com/packetpushers and choose a free ThousandEyes t-shirt. Show Links: BGP implemented in the Go Programming Language – GitHub SALT + NETBOX + VYOS = NETWORK AUTOMATION
 + ROUTING SECURITY  – Presentation by Marek Isalski (PDF) Matt Stone on Twitter @bigmstone Brent Salisbury on Twitter @networkstatic Dave Tucker on Twitter @dave_tucker Daryn Johnson on Twitter @dirtyonekanobi

 Heavy Networking 507: Build And Run A Multi-Cloud Network Architecture With Aviatrix (Sponsored) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:09:35

Cloud networking is a challenge, to say the least. And when you’ve got deployments running in different public clouds, your challenges multiply. On today’s Heavy Networking, sponsor Aviatrix joins us to discuss their cloud networking architecture, which works across multiple public clouds and within single clouds. Aviatrix provides a consistent operational environment that runs on top of cloud-native constructs, providing deployment, visibility, compliance, and security for networking in AWS, Azure, GCP, and other public clouds. Our guests from Aviatrix are Hammad Alam, Principal Cloud Solutions Architect; and Shahzad Ali, Principal Cloud Solutions Architect. We discuss: * How Aviatrix abstracts the underlying network services across public clouds * The benefits of a consistent, common data plane * Leveraging Aviatrix for encryption and other security controls * Core software components including the Aviatrix controller and gateway * More Show Links: Aviatrix Aviatrix Altitude 2020 Webinar Aviatrix Documentation Aviatrix Events Aviatrix Community

 Heavy Networking 506: Where Is The Industry Headed With Intent-Based Networking? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:05:47

Where is the networking industry with Intent-Based Networking (IBN)? On today’s Heavy Networking show we talk about efforts to come to some agreement on just what constitutes IBN. We also look at an IETF draft that examines concepts and definitions of IBN. Our guests for today’s conversations are Jeff Tantsura, head of networking strategy at Apstra and chair of both the Routing Area and RIFT working groups at the IETF; and Phil Gervasi, a solutions architect for a national VAR. We discuss: * The problems we’re trying to solve with IBN * IBN from the perspective of the IETF * How to express business logic as intent, and the data models that will translate that intent into configurations * The role of graph databases * Why IBN focuses on the data center * Whether IBN has size limitations in the DC * More Sponsor: Cumulus Networks When customers want to build a private cloud environment that is open, modern, and simpler to manage, they choose Cumulus Linux. To learn more about open networking, head to https://cumulusnetworks.com/ Sponsor: ThousandEyes ThousandEyes gives you performance visibility from every user to every app over any network, both internal and external, so you can migrate to the cloud, troubleshoot faster and deliver exceptional user experiences. Sign up for a free account at thousandeyes.com/packetpushers and choose a free ThousandEyes t-shirt. Show Links: Intent-Based Networing – Concepts and Definitions – IETF Jeff Tantsura’s IETF profile – IETF An Introduction To Intent-Based Networking (Whitepaper) -Packet Pushers Ignition Intent-Based Networking Part 2: A Deep Dive Into Network Abstraction And Continuous Validation (Whitepaper) – Packet Pushers Ignition Phil Gervasi on Twitter NetworkPhil.com

 Heavy Networking 505: Achieving Consistent Multi-Cloud Network Policy With VeloCloud (Sponsored) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:09

On today’s sponsored show, we talk with VeloCloud, a VMware company, about a variety of topics including the reality of multi-cloud and what that means for design and policy, and how SD-WAN can help. Our guest is Craig Connors, Chief Architect at VeloCloud. We discuss: * How VeloCloud SD-WAN works * The proliferation of clouds including SaaS, IaaS, telco clouds, and how they need to be integrated * How the VeloCloud overlay helps you stitch together multiple clouds * Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) as a market term and how it relates to SD-WAN * Challenges in developing and enforcing security policies * VMware’s Nyansa acquisition and what it brings to VeloCloud in terms of analytics * More Show Links: Velocloud.com Velocloud.com/blog VeloCloud on Twitter Craig Connors on Twitter

 Heavy Networking 504: The State Of Optical Networking In 2020 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:02:53

If you’re new to DWDM and optical networking, this Heavy Networking episode aims to peel back some of the layers of these technologies to help you understand how they work, and whether you have business applications that could use DWDM. My guest is Chris Tracy, a network and systems engineer at ESnet. ESnet, or the Energy Sciences Network, provides networking services for the U.S. Energy Department research labs. We discuss: * Designing a DWDM network * Differences between CWDM and DWDM * The importance of optical cabling performance * Varities of optical networking equipment * Operational challenges * Using DWDM for data center interconnects * More Sponsor: ThousandEyes ThousandEyes gives you performance visibility from every user to every app over any network, both internal and external, so you can migrate to the cloud, troubleshoot faster and deliver exceptional user experiences. Sign up for a free account at thousandeyes.com/packetpushers and choose a free ThousandEyes t-shirt. Sponsor: WAN Summit Networking professionals are gathering at the WAN Summit in New York City onn March 9th and 10th. Find out how your peers are selecting and deploying SD-WAN. Enterprise registrants get a special rate of only $99 to attend, and Network Break listeners can get an extra 20% off with the code PACKETPUSHERS when they register for New York. Find all the details at  WANSummit.com. Show Links: Chris Tracy


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