Neal Runs For Mayor show

Neal Runs For Mayor

Summary: Go behind the scenes of Neal Sáles-Griffin's quest to become mayor of Chicago. Follow along as a first-time candidate navigates the byzantine world of Chicago politics, and hear from Neal's colleagues, friends, family—and Neal himself.

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  • Artist: Wailin Wong & Shaun Hildner
  • Copyright: © 2018 Wailin Wong & Shaun Hildner


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Welcome to our first episode! Neal Sáles-Griffin is running for mayor of Chicago and he's letting us follow him around.

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Coming soon: A new podcast that follows the mayoral campaign of lifelong Chicagoan Neal Sáles-Griffin. You'll hear from his friends and family—as well as Neal himself—through the ups and downs of running for office as a first-time candidate. Subscribe now so you'll get the episode as soon as we launch!


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