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OKC Real Estate Show

Summary: The Official Oklahoma City Real Estate Show. Weekly Market news vital to your success in the Oklahoma City housing market. Gain fast facts on the go and hear hyper local information to equip you for your next move each and every week. Sponsored By Metro First Realty, Oklahoma City

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 Episode 13 - Outlaw Bus Tour | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:28:14

Illegal Bus Tour, Cajon Spice, luxury Fitness Center and Chipotle On this weeks show after the Housing Market News. https://www.OKCREALESTATESHOW.com Top home for the week under 750k 905 NW 37th ST, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 $514,900 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-832414-905_nw_37th_street_oklahoma_city_ok_73118 Top Home for the week under 500k 3404 N Western AVE, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 $365,000 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-832029-3404_n_western_avenue_oklahoma_city_ok_73118 Next Weeks Guest, Owners of the Urban FarmHouse store ! QUESTIONS COMMENTS FEEDBACK ??? EMAIL: LANDON@OKCREAL.COM Show produced and recorded at Metro First Realty Corporate Offices by Landon Whitt llc. All Rights reserved Copy write 2018

 Episode 12 : OKC home and garden magazine | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:25:48

Local liquor laws changing, renegade business practices and special guest OKC home and garden magazine on todays weekly market update. Home under 500k 419 NE 14th St, oklahoma city Ok 73104 $255,000 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-830752-419_ne_14th_oklahoma_city_ok_73104 Home under 250k 2605 NW 30th st, Oklahoma City OK 73112 $230,000 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-830870-2605_nw_30th_street_oklahoma_city_ok_73112 Special Guest: Shia Sumpter OKC home and Garden Magazine read a digital copy here http://okchgm.com/ instagram @okchgm

 Episode 11: The Flipper Next Door | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:31:55

8 figure investment at the airport, New skatepark and Special Guest The Flipper Next Door, Tiffany Thomas. Plus Your Weekly dose of real estate sales for Oklahoma City. Home under 500k 1 NE 2nd Street Unit#413 $475,999 mls# 829703 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-829703-1_ne_2nd_street_unit_413_oklahoma_city_ok_73104 Home under 250k 1926 W Park Place $179,999 mls# 827552 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-827552-1926_w_park_place_oklahoma_city_ok_73106 Will rogers Airport renovations http://www.okctalk.com/content.php?r=528-89-million-expansion-set-to-move-forward-at-Will-Rogers-Airport Skatepark coming in September http://www.okctalk.com/content.php?r=529-New-skate-park-to-open-at-Stars-and-Stripes-Park Special Guest: Tiffany Thomas @theflippernextdoor https://www.quarterlifehomes.com/ Show produced by OKCREAL Media Team on location at Metro First Realty Corporate Offices all rights reserved 2018.

 Episode 10 : Homeless facts in okc | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:43:24

todays show we talk about the average price on market and the medium income. Days on market hits single digits and we talk with the homeless alliance about the current homeless situation and how you as an real estate investor can help. Under 500K 2120 NW 16TH ST $349,900 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-829186-2120_nw_16th_street_oklahoma_city_ok_73107 under 250k 3837 nw 25th st 129,900 https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/3837-NW-25th-St-Oklahoma-City-OK-73107/21864891_zpid/ Guest: Whitley O Conner Homelessalliance.org WOConnor@homelessalliance.org Show produced by Landon Whitt LLC on location at Metro First Realty Corporate

 Episode 9 : Hard Money Lending in OKC | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:43:50

Housing market update for second week of July 2018, Carvana builds a car vending machine in OKC, New baby born, and Special guest Alex Owens shares tips and tricks on getting hard money loans and shares info on his current company working with berry rock homes and helping buy 180 homes in the last year in Oklahoma city. UNDER 500K 140 NW 19TH ST, OKLAHOMA CITY OK http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-827647-140_nw_19th_street_oklahoma_city_ok_73103 UNDER 200K 113 SW 41ST ST, OKLAHOMA CITY OK http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-828320-1113_sw_41st_street_oklahoma_city_ok_73109 News: Pictures of Carvana's new car vending machine at okctalk.com GUEST: ALEX OWENS BERRYROCKHOMES.COM aowens@berryrockhomes.com PRODUCED BY LANDON WHITT LLC AT METRO FIRST REALTY CORPORATE OFFICES

 Episode 8: Rookie Superstar Micah Sims shares the buyers experience | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:29:13

New construction downtown includes a tunnel under the railroad, million dollar mansion completes construction and Live music open house this weekend. Special Guest Rookie Agent Micah Sims is killing it with 38 sales. Top home under 500k 1800 W. Park Place, Oklahoma City OK 73106 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-827047-1800_w_park_place_oklahoma_city_ok_73106 Top home under 200k 2139 NW 13th st, Oklahoma City OK 73107 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-826528-2139_nw_13th_street_oklahoma_city_ok_73107 Guest Micah Sims Micahsellsok@gmail.com Audio Track Give it all by Stephen Salewon She's got it all by Kenny Chesney NEW building info provided by OKCTALK.COM Produced by Landon Whitt LLC Brokered by Metro First Realty

 Episode 7- OKC Movie Director Shares Local Trends | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:29:40

Market changes in OKC for the month of June. Inventory shortage on the table? Happy July 4th our nations 242nd birthday! Special Guest OKC film Director Dennis Spielman talks about his latest projects in Oklahoma City. UNDER 500K 3226 NW 18TH OPEN HOUSE July 8th 2-4pm MLS: 826469 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-826469-3226_nw_18th_oklahoma_city_ok_73107 UNDER 200K 14141 N. Mckinley MLS : 826363 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-826363-1141_n_mckinley_oklahoma_city_ok_73106 Special Guest Dennis Spielman Creator of Uncoveringoklahoma.com Director of "District Up"

 Episode 6 : How city districts are formed | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:36:49

Local market update and Special Guest Rachael Taylor talks about her involvement as the Director of the Western Avenue Association. Learn how city districts effect local business and improve the quality of life resulting in property value and economic growth. Featured Home under 500k 1325 NW 20th, Oklahoma City, OK http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-824559-1325_nw_20th_oklahoma_city_ok_73106 Featured Home under 200k 2917 Elmwood AVE, Oklahoma City, OK http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-825044-2917_elmwood_avenue_oklahoma_city_ok_73116 Recorded at Metro First Real Estate in Oklahoma City Ok, Produced by Landon Whitt LLC All rights reserved.

 Episode 5 : Self Managing Rentals | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:35:25

News updates to include the ground breaking of the newest convention center in OKC. Guest Scorpio Tran shares how he self manages his rental properties as an out of State investor. Top homes on the show this week under 500k 1610 N McKinley Avenue listed @ 239k http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-821947-1610_n_mckinley_avenue_oklahoma_city_ok_73106 Under 200k 1515 NW 28th Street @ 155k http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-824334-1515_nw_28th_street_oklahoma_city_ok_73106 Special Guest: Scorpio Tran Produced By Landon Whitt LLC at Metro First Realty 3232 W. Britton Rd # 277 Oklahoma City OK 73120 LANDONWHITT.COM Questions Comments email landon@premieragentokc.com

 Episode 4: The Tornado threat?? | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:33:56

Episode 4 Special guest Jon Slater from Channel 4 news talks about the real threat of weather in the Oklahoma City market. Gain real knowledge about the reality of the situation to help plan your next real estate move. Top homes of the week Under 500k 200 S Oklahoma (continental lofts unit 301 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-822143- Under 200k http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-823264-2647_nw_24_street_oklahoma_city_ok_73107 SPECIAL GUEST: JON SLATER https://www.slaterweather.com/ Jon Slater is a meteorologist for News Channel 4. He joined the 4Warn Storm Team in December 2015. As a youngster Jon spent hours and hours watching the weather out his bedroom window. His passion for weather was so great his parents thought he was crazy. Jon has been riding that passion like a cowboy rides a horse his entire life! Jon studied meteorology at the University of Oklahoma, receiving his degree in meteorology in 1987. While in college he never once considered television as a career. Then one day after graduation Jon was offered a job at a TV station in Lawton, OK and his life changed forever! Jon has spent almost his entire career as a broadcast meteorologist covering Oklahoma’s weather and is known for his expertise in forecasting and storm coverage. He’s done it all from Chief Meteorologist to morning guy to the weekend shift. Jon’s experience through the years tracking Oklahoma’s extreme weather makes him an Oklahoma weather expert. this show is produced by landon whitt llc on site at Metro First Realty : 3232 W. Britton rd # 277, Oklahoma city ok 73120

 Episode 3: Distressed Property Hunter Interviewed | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:26:54

Weekly housing market data for Oklahoma City buyers, sellers and investors. This week features distressed property hunter Corey Chapelle a 3rd generation property hunter who's worked with firms like 1-800 2 sell homes in Oklahoma City to help target properties for investments. This weeks featured Properties Under 500k 1940 NW 21st ST, Oklahoma City, OK 73106 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-821855-1940_nw_21st_street_oklahoma_city_ok_73106 Under 300k 2316 N Barnes AVE, Oklahoma City, OK 73107 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-822294-2316_n_barnes_avenue_oklahoma_city_ok_73107 Special Guest: Corey Chappell 181-CLOSE-NOW, LLC 1608 SW 123rd Street Oklahoma City, OK 73170 Office: 181-CLOSE-NOW Local: (405)202-3032 Produced by Landon Whitt LLC Metro First Realty 3232 W. Britton Rd #277 Oklahoma City OK 73120

 Episode 2: Winning Multiple Offers Without the Highest Offer. | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:35:22

Kevin Boroumand from the super hot Seattle Market shares insider secrets to help Oklahoma City Buyers win in multiple offer situations. Get the house you want and the price on this episode. TOP HOME OF THE WEEK UNDER 500 http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-820483-1628_nw_15th_oklahoma_city_ok_73106 UNDER 200K http://www.whitthomesearch.com/idx/mls-820388- Special Guest Kevin Boroumand http://www.BeatMultipleOffers.com News Theme by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://incompetech.com/

 OKC Radio show may 21st - 5:23:18, 12.41 PM | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:23:28

The Official Oklahoma City Real Estate Show. Weekly Market news vital to your success in the Oklahoma City housing market. Gain fast facts on the go and hear hyper local information to equip you for your next move each and every week.


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