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Summary: High energy underground podsafe rock and roll from the planet Marseille and around the world with many contributions from consenting rockstars. Live concerts, interviews, new albums, dead bands'songs, noisy ambience, laughs and continuous connections around the music world and more. Most of the time in English, parfois des interviews in French, bald in Deutsch !

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 Meltingpod 112 with Mick Harvey (ex-Birthday Party ex-Bad Seeds PJ Harvey’s band) : Live interview or Conversation under the Stars at The Hacienda in Nimes France October 2012 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:02

I met Mick Harvey (ex-Birthday Party, ex-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey's band) a few kilometers from Nimes France October 5th 2012 at the Hacienda during a kind of private party proposed by the Tontons Flingueurs anbsp;bunch of friends who are passionated people and music lovers. Thank to everyone for this warmhearted and very beautiful night !! Mick Harvey at the Hacienda in Nimes France Oct 5th 2012 Just after the dinner we went both outside with Mick, sat down at a table under a tree and I recorded our very relaxed conversationnbsp;about his new solo album (recorded in 2010, released in 2011 and effectively promoted in 2012 after he finished his world tour with PJ Harvey)nbsp;"Sketches from The Book of The Dead"nbsp;and the probable songwriting of his future solo album...A dog invited himself to the talk and added a special note to this very strange night innbsp;an old farm lost in the country, far away from everythingnbsp;'s a kind of atmospheric podcast I propose to you this time illustrated by ones of Mick's beautiful songs : I started with "Bethelridge" (Robbie Fulks) from his covers' album "One Man's treasure" (2005), then 3 excerpts of the songs from his new solo album : "The Ballad of Jay Givens, To Each his Own and A Place called Passion" then an excerpt of "The Colour of the Earth" a song he sang in duet with PJ Harvey in her last album "Let Egland Shake" and I finished with one of the new songs "Two Paintings". A short videoclip to share with you a bit of that unique experience with a very talentuous and so famous artist playing directly on the floor without his band, just a microphone, a guitar and some recording tapes...How not to feel each other very privileged and and completly charmed...

 Meltingpod 7th anniversary Podcast 111 with 7 new albums in 2012 : Ed Kuepper (live and studio), 3 Foot Ninja, The Movements and The Angry Dead Pirates, The Spectrum Family, Conger!Conger!, Ian Rilen and The Love Addicts !! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:20

Meltingpod was 7 years old this year in fact since last March and I will play songs from 7 new albums released these past 7 months of 2012 to celebrate it !! Above Conger! Conger!'s new album released in vinyl (click to enlarge the pic), the new CDs from Ian Rilen and The Love Addicts, Ed Kuepper live and studio (on the left) and The Spectrum Family (on the right) I chose to play one song from each album so join the party and listen to that great musical stream around the world ! If you wish more you can buy the albums clicking on the links below ! 1 and 2 Australia :nbsp;nbsp;"The way I made you feel" fromnbsp;Ed Kuepper's live album recorded in Sydney with his drummer Mark Dawson as a bonus disc accompagning Ed Kuepper's new studio album "Second Winter" with the song "Palace of Sin" (release party and show November 9th at the Old Museum in Brisbane) 3 England : "Carboard Cutouts" from 3 Foot Ninja's debut album ! 4 Sweden and France : The Movements' (Gouml;teborg) song "Being" played by The Angry Dead Pirates (Toulouse) released by the French Label from Marseille "Pariah ! Records" The vinyl released by Pariah ! Records for The Movements and The Angry Dead Pirates; on the left the 3 Foot Ninja's CD. 5 France Marseille : "Beistaguen" from The Spectrum Family's new album "Transylvania" 6 France Marseille : "Pray" from Conger! Conger!'s new album "At the corner of the world" 7 Australia : "Wishing Well" from Ian Rilen and The Love Addicts' new album "Family from Cuba" Ian Rilen and The Love Addicts' CD includes a beautiful book with a lot of musicians' contributions to Ian's work and life. Byt the way tomorrow in France or today in Australia, it was exactly 6 years Ian passed away : a nice celebration day to play his posthumous album thank to Greg Sawers his manager who did a great labor of love for that release during these past 6 years !

 Meltingpod 110 Chris Bailey from The Saints : Live interview in Marseille about his new solo album (possible release in 2012) and his last Australian duo tour with Ed Kuepper Part 2 (25′) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:44

In this podcast Ndeg;110 I propose to you the second part of the Live interview I recorded with Chris Bailey from The Saints when he came to Marseille last year in October with his drummer Peter Wilkinson to perform the new album "Stranger" they co-wrote with two members of the French band H-Burns : Renaud Brustlein and Antoine Pinnet. Chris Bailey and Peter Wilkinson during the soundcheck in Marseille at Cabaret Aleatoire Oct 2011 Chris Bailey and Antoine Pinnet, Peter and Chris in Marseille Oct 2011 A video I filmed during the show in Marseille Oct 2011 where Chris played in solo "Photograph" then "In the Mirror" with the Bailey Burns Gang ! In that part I talked with Chris about more personal things as his new solo album's recording in Australia (release expected very soon, maybe this year, can't wait!!), his projects with The Saints and his last duo tour with Ed Kuepper in May/June 2010. As I can't play songs from Chris' new album yet, I illustrate the interview with some excerpts of that Australian tour with Ed, thank to a hard fan who sent me his audio recording in the audience at Troubadour in Brisbane. Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper in the recording studio to test some songs after the tour in 2010 : never says never !! (pic : Jude Dransfield Kuepper) I chose three songs from Chris where Ed is playing guitar and doing the backing vocals : "In the mirror, Photograph and Gone with the wind". I finished with one of my favorite songs from Ed "The way I made you feel" where Chris is playing bass and doing the backing vocals ! Enjoy !!! Hoping they will record something together one day again or at the minimum wishing they will tour Europe with that duo !! Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper during their duo tour in Melbourne Australia (pics from Carbie Warbie) By the way Happy New Year 2012 Everybody !!

 Meltingpod 109 Chris Bailey from The Saints Live interview in Marseille Oct 2011 about his new album with the French band H-Burns part 1 (20′) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:55

In this podcast Ndeg;109 I have the great pleasure to propose to you a Live interview with Chris Bailey from The Saints. Chris came to Marseille October 13th with Peter Wilkinson his drummer in The Saints to promote during a French tour the new album "Stranger" they recorded with Renaud Brustlein and Antoine Pinnet two members of the French band H-Burns. Renaud Brustlein at the vocals and guitar, Peter Wilkinson on the drums, Chris Bailey at the vocals and the bass, Antoine Pinet at the guitar. Chris and Renaud put in common a few of their new songs and then asked Peter and Antoine to join the new band who can be called, depending the mood : Bailey Burns, The Burns Brothers Band or The Harry Burns Project...:) Chris Bailey, Peter and Renaud In that interview recorded before the show at Cabaret Aleatoire in Marseille, Chris talked about the album's making in France and the pleasure to play with new musicians at the opposite of his habits with The Saints, being in that new context "only the bass player of a French band"!! A short videoclip to give you an idea of the show in Marseille #160; Peter and Renaud, Renaud and Antoine To illustrate Chris Bailey's talk I play some songs' excerpts from the new album "Stranger" : "Hey You and Cruel Sea" from Chris and "New Sidewalks and Postcards" from Renaud. You can order the album if you like it to their label Vicious Circle. Renaud, Peter and Chris Chris and the Burns Brothers Band gave us the pleasure to add to the show some songs of The Saints repertoire, here "Messin' with the Kid"!! I will publish soon the second part of the podcast where Chris talked about his personal projects : the next solo album he recorded in Sydney, his ideas about new albums with The Saints, his duo last year in Australia with Ed Kuepper : stay connected !!

 Podcast 108 The New Christs in European tour 2011 : Live interview in Marseille with Rob Younger the singer (ex-Radio Birman) + Live videos of the show at La Machine a Coudre | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:00

After a long silence with the podcasts (exactly one year today, strange coincidence !!) I'm back with you again and to honor this return I propose to you a great live interview or more exactly a very friendly conversation with Rob Younger (ex Radio Birman) I recorded this Summer before his show at La Machine agrave; Coudre in Marseille when he was touring Europe with his famous Australian punk rock band The New Christs !!! #160; Rob Younger and Brent Williams on the left, Dave Ketley and Paul Larson (from the Celibate Rifles, specially here for the tour 2011 replacing Stuart Wilson) on the right...the New Christs at La Machine agrave; Coudre !! The New Christs delivered us a fantastic performance, sincere, warm-hearted, professional and wild like the great talentuous musicians and generous rockers they are...they can play on big festivals' stages like they can play for a small venue with the same powerful energy...I can even say they are more impressing in a small venue...Wow that superbe wall of guitars in front of the stage with Brent, Jim and Dave !! Rob adapted his show to the place he had and still was more fascinating, the air was saturated of music, the drummer was a hero (and all of us by the way) with that highly hot temperature of Summer : in fact we all shared a bath of sounds in a complete pleasure close to the trance...:) Here below a short videoclip I filmed with my small compact camera to try to give you a little idea...Enjoy! #160; The Irritones opening the show on the left; Rob Younger, Jim Dickson (both ex-Radio Birman) and Dave Ketley on the right The French punk band from Marseille Irritones opened the show for their famous Australian guests : only happiness !! (videoclip of their show below, a short live recording in the podcast) #160; The New Christs and Irritones at the dinner : a good way for the Australians to test the French cooking, cheese and wines thank to the great Relax and Co's organization !! On the right, Rob Younger backstage with me in the interview's room ! It was small but we had a lot of fun talking very relaxed before the show about music, projects, life, politics, flavors you can capture in Marseille by night...:) I hope you will like it ! I illustrated that interview with some excerpts of their new live album recorded in Sydney in May 2011 : "On top of me, Coming apart, Daddy's calling" and of their last studio album Gloria : "Animalisation"... If you haven't enough here, you can listen or re-listen to THAT OTHER PODCAST with a live interview with Rob and the band and many live recordings of the show at Le Poste agrave; Galegrave;ne in Marseille I have published in May 2009 !

 Podcast 107 BugGIRL an Australian band Live in Marseille who rocked our city : Interview with Amber the singer guitarist and Clinno the drummer ! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:18

I met BugGIRL an Australian rock band first time in Berlin last July thank to Texas Terri who turned me to them in front of one of my favorite punk rock clubs "Wild at Heart", the place to join the rockers of the planet !!! The connection immediatly was friendly and one month later BugGIRL came and play to Marseille at Enthropy and we spontaneously decided to record an interview after their show. #160; Clinno the volcanic drummer and Amber the electric woman I started the podcast with their song Rock and Roll Hell, then Hungry as Hell, Rock Your City, Blood Sweat and Beers and Dirty in the Skirt, a pure Australian rock and roll in the tradition AC/DC, Rose Tattoo... #160; Amber and Clinno in strong connection during the whole show. we talked a lot about the bands they love in Australia during and after the interview : it was a very cool meeting, unforgettable thank to Well Done and Alex (Vaginal Liquid Devilish Piranhas Johnny Division) who booked the show and found us a place in a garage to talk very quietly (with Ze Cardiacs who joined us) the whole night in fact until the day light surprised us...:) a short video clip to give you an idea of the ambience! Amber and Clinno in fusion !


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