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 Podcast #25: Coronavirus Response: Into the weeds | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:00

In this podcast series Coronavirus Response: Into the weeds, Ruby Lopez Harper, senior director, Local Arts Advancement, Americans for the Arts; Brian McGuigan, program director, Artist Trust; and Trella Walker, director, Advisory Services, head of Social Innovation and Equity Council, Nonprofit Finance Fund, join GIA to discuss funding practices that center equity and reframe recovery toward new relationships.

 Podcast #24: Coronavirus Response: Setting the Frame | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:28

In this podcast series Coronavirus Response: Setting the frame, Deana Haggag, president & CEO, United States Artists; Lauren Hainley, program manager, Disaster Services, Houston Arts Alliance; Tempestt Hazel, Art program officer, Field Foundation; and Vu Le, Nonprofit AF, join GIA to discuss how they are designing their rapid response efforts, what kind of equity lens can be utilized for greatest impact, and how to shift from short-term response to long-term recovery.

 Podcast #23: Creating Access for Grantees | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:23:37

In this podcast episode, we are glad to have the Black Art Futures Fund joining us! We’ll be hearing from DéLana R.A. Dameron, founder, Black Art Futures Fund (BAFF). We will discuss new ways of funding Black arts groups, refine the definition of who can be a funder, and learn about the additional, and crucial, support that BAFF offer grantees throughout the process of applying for funding.

 Podcast #22: Frameworks for Black Communities and Other Communities of Color | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:23:43

In this podcast episode, we are glad to have ABFE: A Philanthropic Partnership for Black Communities joining us! We’ll be hearing from Edward Jones ABFE’s vice president of Programs, and Anthony Simmons, ABFE’s manager of Racial Equity in Grantmaking Program. We will discuss how their strategic framework and tools can offer a deeper impact in communities that are often ignored. Don’t let the learning stop at this podcast. Join the nation’s largest gathering of Black professionals in philanthropy at ABFE’s virtual 2020 “HARAMBEE - LET’S ALL PULL TOGETHER” on April 16 – 18th.

 Podcast #21: Supporting Immigrant Artists and Border Communities | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:19:47

This podcast is a part of the 2020 Grantmakers in the Arts Racial Equity Podcast Series. In this podcast, we hear from Adriana Rios, director of programs, National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC), and Luisa Martinez, socially-engaged artist, Artivistas in Residencia, Otros Dreams en Acción (ODA). They will discuss how funders can be more supportive to immigrant and migrant artists, and what to keep in mind when supporting artists of border communities in the US.

 Podcast #20: Centering Racial Equity in Arts Funding | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:23:03

As a part of the continued efforts of Grantmakers in the Arts to center racial equity, we are glad to introduce the first Grantmakers in the Arts Racial Equity Podcast Series! To kick us off, Grantmakers in the Arts (GIA) president & CEO Eddie Torres discusses why GIA values and centers racial equity via a stroll through the history of arts funding, a review of ways that GIA is collaborating with others to continue centering racial equity in concrete ways both within the GIA and externally, and how GIA will continue this creative collaboration in order to continue the work across sectors.

 Podcast #19: Welcome to Denver, Ginger White Brunetti and Gary Steuer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:29:51

Welcome to Denver! Grantmakers in the Arts welcomes you to Denver, where collaboration is a way of life and culture is found everywhere from small local breweries to the largest museums. The vibrancy of Denver’s cultural community is visible throughout its street art, the independent music scene, community theater, musical classrooms, a deep spoken word tradition, and eclectic arts districts. In this podcast, Nadia Elokdah, deputy director and director of programs at Grantmakers in the Arts, speaks with conference co-chairs Gary Steuer, president & CEO of Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, and Ginger White, executive director of Denver Arts and Venues of the City and County of Denver, about what you can expect at the conference. Click here to listen!

 Podcast #18: The Mosiac Network and Fund: New ways to uplift ALAANA communities | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:28:04

In this podcast, Grantmakers in the Arts discusses The Mosaic Network and Fund – a creative and collaborative solution for uplifting ALAANA communities by pooling funding and convening like-minded funders and arts organizations. Learn about development of the Fund and lessons learned along the way from Dr. Indira Etwaroo, executive director of RestorationART, and The Billie Holiday Theatre, vice president of the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, and Mosaic Network and Fund advisory committee member, alongside Kerry McCarthy, vice president for Philanthropic Initiatives at The New York Community Trust and Mosaic Fund advisory committee co-chair.

 Podcast #17: Narrative Change Through Satirical Storytelling | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:25:21

In this podcast, Zeyba Rahman, senior program officer for the Building Bridges Program, an extension of the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art; Josh Seftel, filmmaker and also creator of “The Secret Life of Muslims” series; Hussein Rashid, adjunct faculty member in the Department of Religion at Barnard College who focuses his research on Muslim and American pop culture; and Negin Farsad, Iranian-American writer and comedian who you can find on Netflix, HBO, and other media platforms, are interviewed by Nadia Elokdah, deputy director and director of programs of Grantmakers in the Arts. They discuss their recent film, The History of Muslims in the US (, and share how they have used creative methods for shifting narratives and culture as a strategy towards equity.

 Podcast #16: Narrative Change and Unpacking Pop Culture | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:23:40

In this podcast, Jeff Chang, vice president of Narrative, Arts, and Culture at Race Forward is interviewed by Eddie Torres, president and CEO of Grantmakers in the Arts. He speaks about narrative change a strategy, cultural shifts and how these evolve to impact human behaviors, and his own critiques of pop culture. Chang wraps up with what funders can consider.

 Podcast #15: What’s the Buzz with the GIA Support for Individual Artist Committee? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:15:25

In this podcast, Grantmakers in the Arts gives you a front row seat into the Support for Individual Artist (SfIA) Committee. Never heard of the committee? Now is your chance to learn about it from the GIA Support for Individual Artist co-chairs, Adrianna Gallego, chief operating officer, National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures, and Eleanor Savage, program director, Jerome Foundation. They will discuss the committee’s latest data project, upcoming programming, and share what you can expect in the coming year. Continue reading for a few sentiments from exiting committee members. “In 2007 I was drafting a new mission and designing the inaugural programs for 3Arts, and I remember hunting and pecking on the Internet to try to find organizations that directly funded artists and from which I could draw inspiration. It wasn’t an easy task, to say the least. After locating a few of these rare birds, I was subsequently invited to join the SfIA committee and there, lo and behold, I discovered a determined group of iconoclasts who were advocating for the expansion of artist support. The committee was (and still is) an infusion of fuel for me and, of course, for 3Arts. By 2012, hooked on sharing ideas, practices, and dreams, I became a committee co-chair. As I exit stage left, I am enduringly inspired by the committee and our growing field and grateful that I won’t have to conduct random Internet searches to know where to find a hub of leaders who truly and deeply understand the value of supporting individual artists.” Esther Grimm, 3Arts “I first learned about the important work of the Support for Individual Artists committee when I attended my first GIA conference in Chicago in 2010 (the committee had a different name then). At that conference, GIA (through the leadership of the then SFIA committee members) shared a draft position paper on the value and importance of supporting individual artists. I was fortunate that my employer at Rasmuson Foundation was already established as a committed funder for individual artists, but this draft paper and stated commitment by the broader arts funding field was deeply influential on me. It provided a defining moment and clarity to reinforce the values I already held in my role in arts philanthropy, and as a strong case to engage others who expressed interest in the direct support of artists, but who may have been unsure how to pursue those interests further. Through subsequent years SFIA served as an anchor to consistently and unabashedly stake a claim in directing support to artists and to build a broader and even more just community to share in that claim and commitment. I consider myself extremely fortunate for the privilege of serving the arts funding field through my participation with the committee, and proud of what has been accomplished since my first encounter with this incredible group of colleagues, and the many connections made with artists throughout. I hope GIA will be able to carry on this ongoing commitment in perpetuity.” Jayson Smart, Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies “This group was a vital part of me being effective and thoughtful about the work I was doing locally. In my time since moving to a more national role, this group has maintained an on the ground practitioner connection that is so valuable. I appreciated the candid and honest conversations that were had for the way they made me feel not so alone and, on some days, finding that much needed validation that I wasn’t crazy for thinking of doing the work in the way I was doing it.” Ruby Harper, Americans for the Arts

 Podcast #14: Welcome to Oakland! Nadia Elokdah, Shelley Trott, and Roberto Bedoya | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:16:12

In this podcast, Grantmakers in the Arts welcomes you to Oakland, home to vibrant creatives, diverse communities, a heritage of activism, and the home of the GIA’s 2018 annual conference Race, Space, Place. We speak with Nadia Elokdah, Grantmakers in the Arts deputy director and director of programs; Roberto Bedoya, Cultural Affairs manager for the City of Oakland, California; and Shelley Trott, director, Arts Strategy & Ventures, Kenneth Rainin Foundation. They give us some background on the city of Oakland, tell us why this is the best city or “town” for the 2018 GIA Conference: Race, Space, and Place (, and what we can expect at the conference.

 Podcast #13: Eddie Torres, Sam Massol, and Jessica Mele on Arts Advocacy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:29:19

We speak with Eddie Torres, Grantmakers in the Arts president and CEO, Jessica Mele, program officer in Performing Arts at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and Sam Massol, director of Advocacy and Engagement at the Center for Arts Education. They explore advocacy through an arts education lens in discussion about how funders can support their grantees in advocating for the arts given the current national landscape.

 Podcast #12: Eddie Torres, Kerry McCarthy, and E. San San Wong on Arts Advocacy | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:27:31

We kicked off our Arts Advocacy series last month and we are excited to provide more insight on how you can become an arts advocate. This podcast features Eddie Torres, Grantmakers in the Arts president & CEO, Kerry McCarthy, GIA board vice chair and New York Community Trust program director of Thriving Communities: Arts and Historic Preservation and, E. San San Wong, GIA board member and Barr Foundation director of Arts and Creativity. They take a deeper dive into a discussion about what foundations and funders can do to support advocacy and lobbying efforts, and strategies for funders in the current national landscape.

 Podcast #11: Eddie Torres, Narric Rome, and Alex Nock, on Arts Advocacy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:24:38

We speak with Grantmakers in the Arts President & CEO, Eddie Torres, Americans for the Arts Vice President of Government Affairs and Arts Education, Narric W. Rome, and Penn Hill Group Principal, Alex Nock. They explore the question, "What now?" in discussion about the tax bill, arts advocacy efforts, and strategies for funders in the current national landscape.


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